Refrigerators LG linear compressor

a few decades ago, the fridge was something of a segment of luxury, though carried out just a function of storage products. Modern refrigerator – it is an integral element of any kitchen. Moreover, if it is saturated with innovative technology and amazing reasonableness of its functionality refrigerator with linear compressor LG.

What is the linear compressor? This special technology, which is up to 45% saving of electricity consumption, minimizes the noise from the fridge, more accurately controls the temperature inside the chambers. In this case, the power consumption reduction is accompanied by increased efficiency of cooling is stored inside the fridge products, and not Vice versa.

the Main advantage of the LG refrigerator with linear compressor – their high reliability, which allows the manufacturer to provide warranty on the linear compressor by as much as 10 years! The energy class of such refrigerators - A++, which in the language of the ordinary consumer means "sooo economical». In addition, units with this type of compressor products retain their quality much longer than in a traditional refrigerator.

Comparing the refrigerator with linear compressor LG impossible not to notice their common features – practicality and functionality. For example, model GW-B499BLQZ and GW-B499BAQZ feature led lighting and LED five sensors to regulate the temperature in all parts of the camera. External LED display makes the operation of the refrigerator is convenient and pleasant, and the alarm will warn you about the open door. Specially developed design Department for vegetables supports within a certain humidity, and in the zone of freshness you can install one of the two temperature regimes.

In models GA-B489BMKZ, GA-B489BVSP applied multi-threaded systems, and refrigerators GC-B40BSGMD and GC-B0BSAQJ have 4 cameras.

And, of course, LG never miss any important details, such as the shape of the arm or the color of the outer coating of your future fridge. Modern refrigerators LG linear compressor look stylish and sophisticated, and a variety of color solutions only gives them charm.