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Everyone knows the inverting operation of elementary logic, which is simply denial. That is a false statement becomes true. In everyday legal practice, this is called slander, and is widely used to separate groups of persons having a hairy paw. In logic this is called inversion. However, it is already not so clearly pronounced shade of a criminal.

the school and the Institute us with this inversion introduces Boolean algebra. This science came to us from England, where George Boole worked as a lecturer in mathematics at the rank of Professor. Gradually the logic of verbal and symbolic formed the basis for creating encrypted electrical signals, which today are all personal computers. Boolean algebra was chosen as the basis, in view of the simplicity of its implementation elements of addition and inversion. The electrical system can receive, understand, and reproduce only two States: 

  • signal;
  • no signal.

Although modern computers make any calculation, the first computers were built on the lamps glow with different number of grids, the control signals were similar to today and have a discrete nature, laying the Foundation for the application of inverters. Later in the 50-ies of the invention of transistors allowed to make a real breakthrough in electronics, which led the world to its present position. In binary algebra operations division is simply no, and all is replaced by multiplication, which is represented as the number of operations of addition and subtraction. And subtraction is just addition, where the subtrahend is inverted. That is:

  1. Each one (signal) becomes zero (no signal).
  2. Each zero becomes a one.

this signal is required only to turn – which became known as inverting — and also to adjust the level. But this is another story, as we began to approach what happens several types of logic circuits, which work a little differently.

To implement logic was invented so-called inverters, who turned one in the toe and on the contrary, zero to one. Against this background, the Western term DC/AC Converter (inverter DC to AC) could be heard as ‘inverter»that was the word fashionable and popular in the era of electronics. So most likely the power supply of the arc is called the inverter due to these considerations. The bottom line is that AC voltage:

  1. sits up Straighter.
  2. Converted to a voltage with a different frequency and amplitude.

the Use of inverter power sources in engineering

Inverter power sources allowed us to achieve a breakthrough in the technique, and not only in the segment heaters. First of all it touched welding machines. As is known, in this case, it was required to get current as possible values at low voltage. That's how it was done in the absence of inverter power sources:

  • Voltage was applied to the transformer, where it is simply decreased voltage with increasing output current.

This scheme without inverter possessed in addition to the instability of a whole bunch of flaws. In particular, the transformer in the absence weighed exorbitant. This weight of the device was simply unacceptable. In order to fix the position was offered to use inside the inverter that generates a high frequency.

in fact, with access to ultrasound, and even higher mass transformers with equal power decreases greatly. To do this, and it took inverter power sources. They changed the frequency, bringing it up to 50 and even up to 100 kHz, which allowed not only to decrease the size of welding machines, but also to achieve a number of useful properties such as fine adjustment of parameters and manageability. 

So inverter power sources gave rise to mobile and “smart” welding machines.

But what's it got a Samsung refrigerators and heaters? We approach this question. Inverter compressor operates in a special way. Here is the scheme of a typical refrigerator:

  1. the Compressor runs until the thermostat will not register the presence of the desired temperature.
  2. the Compressor stops.
  3. once the thermostat detects the deviation of microclimate parameters from the set, the compressor is again enabled.

the motor without inverter in this case is gradual. In this scheme there are three drawbacks:

  1. Increased consumption in run mode.
  2. noise.
  3. Increased load on the mechanical part.

How are these problems solved inverter compressors? In the second step, the engine stops, and begins to work at low speeds. Therefore, the temperature rises not so fast, and it turns out that the engine is loaded only 5 – 10 % most of the time. This allows you to extend the warranty resource inverter compressors up to 10 years. What is the Samsung Corporation.

what was possible to produce inverter compressors? The fact that there are in the world of asynchronous motors. Their speed depends on the frequency of the supplied pulses. 50 Hz network for them is not enough, and here goes inverter power source. It forms such parameters supply voltage to the induction motor could work with the right speed.

How could operate the inverter heater

We would immediately jump to this topic, but then our readers would not have left vivid impressions, and they would continue to look for gas inverter heater in Google and Yandex, causing puzzled laughter welders and fitters compressor equipment.

now, the refrigerators in principle not very different from the conditioner split system. The whole process consists of four phases freon, which is to drive on the circuit now will be the inverter compressor. These four foundations of all refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment:

  1. Compression.
  2. Condensation (heat).
  3. Extension.
  4. Evaporation (absorption of heat).

Compression is an inverter compressor. For condensation and evaporation, there are two coils, one is in the room (fridge), another – on the street (on the back of the fridge). The expansion occurs in a capillary tube, which is made of metal and has a very small diameter. Inverter compressor can't push through it freon fast enough, so the pressure at the outlet of the capillary collapses, causing the evaporation process in the evaporator, where the refrigerant absorbs heat in the room (refrigerator compartment).

now turn on the heater with remote control (most of the air is controlled remotely) on heating, and the inverter compressor starts to drive the air path in the opposite direction. To implement such a combat maneuver design adds a special four-way valve, which changes the input of the inverter compressor with its output. Such conditioners are already available in nature. This Haier Aqua DC-Inverter. Here they are looking for in Google and Yandex instead inverter heater. There are devices mainly in autumn and spring, but… maybe? the other day will be the sale of the inverter heater monoblock type, which will be able to work in the winter (though in the mode vatrogasci).

We revealed the origin of the phrase inverter heater, the essence of its application to electronic devices and communication of the latter with air-conditioned, which can operate on heating. I hope the reader liked it, and work on finding the inverter gas heater is not in vain.

Instead of the inverter gas heater

In the load will tell you about natural gas heater, which can be used for fishing. What if someone came here reasons to find something for a hike? Heater Prometheus – this is a terrible creature most likely the domestic industry that can work on any gas, because it is an ordinary burner, enclosed in a steel casing and a fitting for mating with any hose. In the portal, protected steel flat bars, there is a quartz plate, which is heated, turning our — asks for the language, the word inverter — heater, in this infrared device.

the Advantage of already named – you can capitalise from any source, even from the pipe. But these heaters for fishing cannot be left unattended. Fair to say that the fire is protected from the wind quartz plate, and on the grill, you can cook… or bait =)

prior To the meetings. From myself promise to consider all suspicious new heaters. Their positive wishes to leave in the comments, and the negative perform in an independent manner. Next time consider the heaters industrial premises!