10 years without problems

Refrigerators by LG with inverter linear compressor, Inverter Linear Compressor were awarded by the Association for electrical, electronic & information technologies (VDE) for energy efficiency and quiet operation.

As demonstrated by the results testing VDE, refrigerators LG inverter linear technology save 32% more energy than refrigerators with conventional reciprocating compressors. Thus, users can save on the power bill. In the VDE also noted that the noise level in the fridge LG 25% lower than in the refrigerator with a conventional reciprocating compressor, and is 22dB. Such noise is usually observed in the bedroom.  

Due to the unique design of the inverter linear compressor LG, the mechanism of the piston drive makes less movements, which ensures reliability and durability of the refrigerator, and also minimizes the power consumption  and provides quiet operation.

now, refrigerators LG c technology Linear Compressor this is the technique on which you can rely. We are so confident in this that we offer a 10-year warranty on our compressors.

Technology Linear Compressor uses a unique mechanism of direct transfer. This makes the LG refrigerators more energy efficient, quiet and reliable. And all because conventional compressors have 4 points of friction – these are the four points of energy loss.

The Linear Compressor as friction there is only one point that saves energy by 45% more efficient than other refrigerators of similar class.

LG Linear Compressor – the best offer which will save you money and the environment on Earth in safety.