The compressor is the heart of the fridge

the Compressor is the heart of the refrigerator. It is designed to convert electricity to transfer heat from the inner chambers of the refrigerator into the surrounding air. The compressor refrigerators used to compress the refrigerant (gaseous working substance of the refrigerator, which, when boiling and evaporation takes heat from the cooled object, and then after condensation gives it to the environment), as well as his pumping contour of the heat exchange system. 

     Traditional compressors are a common electric motors, which convert electrical energy into mechanical rotational energy. the Most used today in the production of modern refrigerators is the crank diagram of the compressors. Such devices by means of special gears convert the rotation of the rotor of the motor in the forward return movement of the piston system. This movement creates pressure, which is the main purpose of the compressor is operating. 

     Complex articulated link between the rotating rotor and piston system leads to additional consumption of energy by friction, causes vibration and noise. Opportunities for improvement of this type of compressor is almost iscompany. It can be assumed that in the future they will be replaced by more economical and progressive schemes.

     today the most practical and technically advanced is linear compressor. The most important difference of this compressor from all used in the present refrigerators - no link that converts the rotation of the rotor of the motor in the movement of the piston mechanism. Linear compressor is this engine, which under the action of an electromagnetic field moving pistons themselves. This innovation helps to significantly improve coefficient efficiency, while reducing energy consumption and significantly reduce the noise of the refrigerator.  


     Linear compressor called "green", environmentally friendly, that does not harm the environment. The electromagnetic circuit, which is used in these compressors, effective and simple. It can significantly reduce energy losses in the end parts of the winding, the decrease in lateral oscillations of the piston reduces friction losses, which guarantees high reliability and extends the life of the refrigerator with linear compressor is relatively traditional. In addition, the use of a scheme of "direct current" refrigerant gives the opportunity to reduce energy loss. The refrigerator with linear compressor are the most energy efficient in the world. A significant contribution to the economy makes electronic control system compressor, which if necessary can reduce or increase the capacity of the compressor. This electronic system monitors the operation of the compressor pistons and performs the function of a quiet start and a quiet stop.: vibration and maximum noise at the time of starting and stopping the motor of the refrigerator having. The noise of the refrigerator with linear compressor reaches 20 dB, despite the fact that traditional refrigerators operate with the figure of 40 dB.


     Linear compressor designed to work with safe refrigerant. Therefore, buying this fridge,  You will not harm our planet.
     the First who used in their refrigeratorslinear compressor was LG Electronics. Recently, the first model LIEBHERR and EECTROUX. They use compressors LG. In the development of linear compressors invested a significant amount of material tools, as well as sci-issledovatelskiy potential. Volume facility linear compressor is growing and is increasingly gaining their supporters.