What is a compressor?

Using the 12 volt air compressor in combination with a special interchangeable tools that need compressed air, so you expand your possibilities as a repairman, how will your wallet. I will give only some aspects of the use of 12 volt air compressor heavy duty:

  • Application of paints and varnishes of soils using a spray gun (paint the car)
  • Flushing, anywhere you need a good blow
  • Application of anti-corrosion compounds, even in hard-to-reach hidden cavity of the vehicle
  • Work with polishing and grinding equipment
  • Work with wrench

I Guess if you think about it, there are many ways to use a 12v air compressor in the garage in addition to painting. So, we have learned that without this device in our work, we can not do. Moreover, many mechanics call this unit a joke "provider". It remains to choose a 12 volt compressor for painting according to our needs, and of course on the purse.

What are the compressors

Now, let's understand what are the 12 volt air compressors for garage doors repairs and painting of the car, and how they differ from each other.

the Most popular compressors for painting are air compressors, piston type.

They are divided into two types: oil and oil-free. These compressors are extremely simple and reliable in operation and do not require professional service.

oil-free Piston compressors are usually used for the most basic needs – pump up the wheels, to blow out the jet finally - tint the gate in the garage. Therefore, to be considered as a great assistant in the repair and car painting will not. I note only that the cost of such oil-free compressors are the cheapest.

Now, let's look at the detail of which are piston oil compressors, what their characteristics and their differences. One thing unites them - in the crankcase of a piston 12v compressor drive is filled with oil. Also, the compressors are direct drive and belt drive. Compressors with belt drive is also divided into two types: single and two - stage. Two less noise at work and more productive. Compressors with belt drives are more reliable, which is determined by the characteristics of its design. From the engine to the flywheel 12v portable air compressor head is installed belt drive. Here are some positive differences belt compressor from frameprivate:

  • Motor rotates at a slower speed
  • Diameter of the flywheel is greater than the diameter of the pulley engine
  • Reliable air cooling system

the Device is a piston compressor for painting with a belt drive.

the Important characteristics that you should consider when choosing and buying oil compressor

  • power supply (220-230V, 380V, mixed - 220/380V)
  • power consumption (kW)
  • Capacity (the number of generated air - liters per minute)
  • maximum Injection pressure in the receiver (ATM)
  • the receiver Volume (litres)

Now let us examine each separately.


Well here, in principle, everything is clear, if your garage has three phase power, the choice is clear, if only 220 volts, questions also arise. Recommend monitoring voltage, in his garage using a voltmeter to AC. Remove the data for the morning, afternoon and evening. If the voltage is smooth and does not fall below 200 Volts, then everything is OK. If jumping from 230 to 160 Volts, the stable operation of the compressor not be obtained in this case you should also take care to buy a voltage stabilizer.

power consumption

When choosing, again, should be based on the quality of the electrical outlet where you will be involved compressor. If the network is ancient, and Chubais and not repaired, thin wire and consist of twists, high power consumption can cause quite a serious voltage drop and high current, the result is overheating of the wires and a possibility of fire. Therefore, getting a compressor with high power, first make sure that the wires going from your garage to the distribution panel, do not have twists and have a sufficient cross-section. If most the work to be done there is no possibility or insufficient qualifications, seek help from a qualified electrician.


One of the most important indicators in the acquired characteristics of the compressor. Measured by the quantity of generated compressed air, liters per minute. If you are going to tackle painting cars, you should be aware that working with different spray guns, required air flow, sometimes quite significant. And different systems of spray guns have their own requirements for the amount of consumed compressed air. So, for example, spray guns HVLP system (low differential pressure – high air flow) consume from 170 to 550 l/min, depending on the design. Therefore, buying a compressor, correlate with the requirements of the spray gun according to the intake air, which is going to work. If these requirements are ignored, then the compressor will be constantly pounding without Prodigy, the outlet pressure will float, and the unit will overheat, which is not good. Well, the painting quality is appropriate. To protect it from overheating, all compressors are equipped with a thermostat that will shut off the unit when overload.

maximum Injection pressure in the receiver

Measured in atmospheres (ATM), this indicator all compressors of this type is approximately the same and is 8-12 ATM. The regulator outlet pressure is set to the desired value, which can be monitored on the pressure gauge.

Volume receiver

Measured in liters, for garage and paint work less than 50 litres can't recommend it. Partially inadequate performance of the compressor can be offset exactly by the increase in the volume of the receiver. Based on the above characteristics and the contents of your wallet, you can start choosing and buying so we need Assembly.

Picture we have estimated received, let us sum up the balance.

so, for normal operation with different spray guns we need the compressor belt drive, with a capacity of approximately 2kW, capacity not less than 240-260 l/min, outlet pressure of 8 ATM. and the volume of the receiver not less than 50 litres. Here I brought the minimum value for normal operation in the garage, if your choice they will be different in a big way – it only better.

Some tips on the operation of the piston compressor oil

If during your work compressor does not work in the short-repeat mode (on-off), and threshing constantly, it means that the air consumption exceeds its production of the compressor. Therefore, increased wear of the cylinder group and also leads to overheating of the unit. To protect from overheating at the compressor has a thermal relay which will disable the device under overload conditions. If the thermal relay is triggered repeatedly, it is a signal that something is wrong, and can lead to compressor failure. If protection thermal relay tripped, you must wait until the compressor cools down, then the compressor to start again. At temperatures less than +5 ° C, possible problems with the launch of El.compressor motor. At low temperatures, there is thickening of the oil and the engine hard to crank and piston group. If you need to operate the compressor at low temperatures, we recommend forced to warm up the oil pan, such as a heater, a lamp or Hairdryer. Regularly drain the water from the receiver. Before painting - a must! When used regularly, at least once a month clean or change air filter, which stands at the entrance. Regularly check the oil level in the compressor crankcase. At least twice per year, perform a complete cleaning of the compressor from the remnants of paint, dust, and other deposits that will increase the efficiency of the cooling system and respectively extend service life. After work, do not forget to Unscrew the regulator output pressure to zero. Otherwise after some time it can samokovtsa, and cease to perform its function. Also can cause failure of a pressure gauge which indicates the pressure at the outlet. I specially this article is not focused your attention on the producers, as it is a matter of taste and some of their own preferences. If you have questions – ask in the comments below, I'll try to answer.