A new line of energy-efficient refrigerators LG

At IFA 2013 presents new LG refrigerators categories side-by-side with the technology of Door-in-DoorTM, which provides quick access to frequently-used products. The compartment Door-in-DoorTM equipped with a system of adjustable shelves that can be arranged in convenient order. Thus, everyone in the family gets its own compartment for food storage. Energy-efficient models with bottom freezer offers the function Total No Frost, which provides faster and more uniform cooling and keeps the food fresh for a long time. Convenient Smart Diagnosis™ (diagnosis at a distance) allows consumers to quickly identify and effectively resolve the problem remotely. High functionality and reliability of new refrigerators LG provides a powerful inverter linear compressor, Inverter Linear Compressor, which LG Electronics offers a 10 year warranty.

Technology Door-in-Door

Special design Door-in-Door LG provides convenient access to frequently used products. This technology allows to reduce the loss of cold air from the main chamber of the refrigerator. In turn, decrease the temperature inside the fridge promotes longer to maintain freshness of food.

Inverter linear compressor

Proprietary technology Inverter Linear Compressor provides refrigerators high efficiency and can significantly increase the shelf life of products, and also reduces noise. Compared with the piston system, the compressor LG commits fewer turnovers that provides more precise control over the cooling process. All linear compressor LG Electronics provides 10 year guarantee.

Technology Total No Frost

the Latest LG refrigerators feature Total No Frost. While traditional cooling unevenly distribute the cold air, modern technology, LG provides cooling products to the same temperature throughout the volume of the refrigerating chamber. Thanks to the Multi Air Flow, left on the top shelf meat will remain fresh as the vegetables at the bottom of the fridge. Technology Total No Frost allows you to cool hot food much faster than other refrigerators. In addition, this technology is best saves electricity than other built-in ventilation system.

to Resolve the problem easily: function Smart Diagnosis

When potential problems arise with fridge Smart Diagnosis allows you to immediately contact the support team to remotely fix the problem without calling the wizard at home. Moreover, the smartphone app Smart Diagnosis allows owners to record messages on the fridge and immediately respond to possible problems with the device. Smart Diagnosis – this is the perfect opportunity to quickly and easily resume normal operation of the refrigerator, as well as to save on the services of a repairman.

Corporate functions – for ease of use

LG Refrigerators with bottom freezer provide a wide range of functions, which provide simplicity and convenience of operation of the device. The cellular structure of the cover vegetables Moist Balance CrisperTM help retain moisture for longer storage of fresh produce. Bay Fresh 0 Zone located in the lower part of the refrigerating chamber, ideal for storing meat and fish: they will remain fresh without freezing. And the fridge with a unique door system Zero Clearance can be installed even in the smallest kitchen, the door can be opened by 90°, even when the gap between the wall and the fridge is minimal. This allows complete pull-out shelves and drawers for easier access to the products.

Finally, a sleek and stylish handle Easy Open Handle allows you to open the fridge, with minimal effort. Refrigerators LG is additionally equipped with a function of Non-Plumbered Ice & Water, through which users can conveniently use the dispenser for ice and water. Consumers can pour water without additional installation or connecting pipes. The function of Non-Plumbered Ice & Water provides a all your family members easy access to clean water and ice.

Main features:

Refrigerator categorySide-by-Side

model GR-D257SL)

-  Door-in-Door

-  inverter linear   compressor

-  energy class A++

-  handle Horizontal Pocket Easy Handle

-  Smart Diagnosis

-  built-in dispenser for ice Door Mounted Ice Maker

-  LED lighting

-  Pure N Fresh

Refrigerator with bottom   freezer

model GBB530NSCFE)

-   inverter linear   compressor

-   energy efficiency class A+++

-   Total   No Frost

-   Smart Diagnosis

-   zone Fresh 0 Zone

-   technology Moist Balance Crisper

-   comfortable handle Easy Open Handle

-   advanced Zero Clearance

Refrigerator categorySide-by-Side

model GWP545NSYZ)

- inverter linear compressor

- class A++energy consumption

-  handle Horizontal Pocket Easy  Handle

- Smart Diagnosis

-  function Non-Plumbed Ice & Water

- built-in dispenser for ice Door Mounted Ice Maker

-  zone Fresh Zone

-  технологияMoist Balance Crisper