Features refrigerator with two compressors

Two compressors are needed when there are two refrigerant circuit. They do not duplicate each other, and work individually on refrigerators and freezers. Which is especially convenient when using the system NoFrost, and here's why. If we only have one circuit and, accordingly, the evaporator, the air flows from different departments will be blended. The NoFrost system provides forced air circulation. The evaporator is located in Midwesterner space, is blown by the fan, the flow comes into the camera. The moisture included in mezhdustroch from the chambers of the air immediately deposited on the evaporator. Because frost is not formed from the point of view of the user. Actually the evaporator is revived periodically by Ten. Dvuhkomnatnye refrigerators equipped with two fans and evaporators, a tandem on each camera. The smell of fresh fish is never absorbed by the bread and sausage.

System NoFrost

We have mentioned about the fish and canned. Many probably thought that the system NoFrost dry – except for the Zone of Freshness – products, so everything inside is stored in polyethylene bags… But the open tin can with saury will savonet whole unit. The air tends to dissociate, to penetrate into the most distant corners. The moisture may remain in the products, if you wrap them with packing tape, but the molecules of aromatic fats will still get inside.

Fresh meat, put in the refrigerator, meal smell saury, made of him the barbecue will be to give up the sea, and guests will require wasabi. Of course, you can put them French themed movie on the home theater, but not all will be able to digest it.

that's why any top NoFrost fridge is equipped with two compressors, each of which runs on its own cooling circuit. Why not make one combined, as do drip models easier? Most likely the case rests on two obstacles:

  1. Complexity joint configuration at different temperatures.
  2. Insufficient cooling capacity of a single path.

Note that the design, when applied double NoFrost, characteristic of the expensive models. On Yandex-market on these criteria, one can hardly find a product cheaper than 100,000 rubles. The limit also depends million rubles on stamp Zigmund &Shtain FR 02.2122 SG. More frequent defrosting of the refrigerating chamber drip. With weak streams drain into the pan. The freezer also supplied dry air from the evaporator according to the scheme described above. In any case, the price on these refrigerators remains high, but still accessible for the Russian consumer. However, think twice before you take it home.

the Basic weight NoFrost is built on a single circuit and a single compressor with coverage of both departments. Temperature regulation is due to the cyclic rotation of the two fans, each of which is controlled by your thermostat. It is clear that considering the review of such models fall. Summarizing, we can say that the NoFrost system today is expensive. Is the game worth the candle, decide for yourself. From our point of view to spend 15000 rubles, which is to try NoFrost with one compressor. That's the only fish in the clear is not necessary to store to other products not stinks."

Drip defrost

Refrigerators with drip defrost cost from $ 14000 and readily available, despite the presence of two compressors. This scheme is employed by many Belarusian Atlanta. The freezer is cleaned manually. This is a typical, familiar to all scheme. And do not think that manual cleaning means that every week tons of ice must be Kyle removed from the freezer. Actually the procedure is carried out once in six months or less, and most often limited to loss of cooling to frost could melt. Then it should be collected with a dry cloth.

the Cost of a refrigerator with a drip system thawing and two compressors is approximately the same as that of the NoFrost with a common evaporator. We always took one question, why in modern marsillach ice is growing much slower than it was in the good old Soviet stamps. There was also a manual defrosting, but how it differed from what you have on hand today. The Bay was literally covered with ice. And the entrance is in the form of a plastic door was located in the refrigerating chamber.

This system is not distinguished either excellent insulation or integrity. What moisture is easily penetrated into the freezer from the cooling chamber and immediately laid on the door. The process was exacerbated over time by the fact that the grown layer is prevented normal to cover the compartment. Plastic door sometimes broke and cracked. The Soviet decision in this case can be considered quite  flawed. Modern freezers work so well, due to two conditions:

  1. Good sealant around the perimeter of the door.
  2. Good insulation.

most modern models of two doors: for refrigeration and freezers. This allows you to avoid the notoriously damp air in the freezer. The humidity in the refrigerating chamber is high enough, because when drip defrosting pairs is always ready to turn into frost.

But it is worth the two-chamber refrigerator dwuhkomnatnyj of the type described from 14,000 rubles. And this is not the lowest price, just take into consideration a decent model.

Features refrigerator with two compressors

Advantages dwuhkomnatnyj refrigerators the following:

  • lightweight mode of operation of each compressor, which has a positive effect on reliability;
  • separate on/off switch cameras, saving energy;
  • easy separate temperature control freezer and refrigerator;
  • the possibility of quick freezing;
  • less noise, because each of the compressors operates in a more favorable mode;
  • if one circuit fails, it is possible to ward wizard to mitigate the damage from spoilage, using the possibility of a second;
  • class energy consumption is not higher than models with a single compressor.

These features are very useful when the family is going on vacation. For example, a refrigerating chamber can be completely shut down. This is somewhat dangerous, because the Department can savonet. Modern refrigerators for locking effect use a special coating of nano-silver and antiseptic additives in isolation doors. Which largely prevents the reproduction of bacteria that cause odor.

the Owners of simple models, where special coatings are not applied, it is recommended to wash compartment before and after the departure of warm water with vinegar or citric acid. Please note that these formulations should not get on the rubber seal. When cleaning, use any tool for washing or dishwashing machines. As a result, the power consumption is significantly reduced. Some may find it a penny, but in the year receives a decent amount of money, which is comparable to the rent for the month.

the Debate about how many compressors have in the fridge is more reliable to last for hours on the forums. For this reason we believe that the difference in the price speaks for itself. The warranty is the same on all devices is not much different. In addition to this, manufacturers of refrigerators with one compressor also introduced the possibility of working chambers separately and independent temperature control. We doubt that it makes possible the quick freezing, but the most typical odnokomnatnyh refrigerators are not so different from the more sophisticated brethren. Is it worth paying separately for the light mode of operation of asynchronous motors type, it is difficult to say, but the current they consume together much more.

the people who write on forums that simultaneously engage both of the compressor can not – from this trouble there is protection. Therefore, regarding the strength of the electrical wiring, you can worry no more, than when buying a normal model of refrigerator. Two current run never will be. Of course, the cost of a refrigerator with two compressors above, but not enough to make this as a problem. In the end, the manufacturer has to duplicate almost all of the indoor units, and a capacitor to do the bypass. This requires certain expenses.