How many degrees in the refrigerator

the easiest way to measure the temperature in the refrigerator is to use outdoor thermometer. It is inexpensive, no danger is not. Just place it on a dry plate, which is put into the Bay. After some time, the thermometer will be released on the mode and with some error will testify. How many degrees in the fridge, and you can learn on the scoreboard at the door, if available. Usually many refrigerators allow you to know what's going on inside. Often even open the device does not have. But if these methods do not suit…

What should be the temperature in the refrigerator

Typical values of the temperature field in the refrigerator are as follows:

  1. Freezer – from minus 18 to minus 24 ºC.
  2. freezer – from +2 to +5 ºC.

ideally, throughout the volume of the thermometer reading should be the same, but in practice it is not. Values of the temperature field are not equal at each point. The evaporator is usually found behind the rear wall, and there freezes the ice, which "crying", flowing into a team capacity. This is perfectly normal. It looks like a drip defrosting method, which is unattainable uniformity of the temperature field.

in Order for it to improve, systems were developed NoFrost. In such refrigerators frost on the walls does not happen even in morozilnik. This is achieved by the fact that the evaporator is placed in Midwesterner space in a hidden compartment. There is a fan and a network of channels connecting equipment with freezer and freezer. The structure and location of moves designed most carefully. If in the first models the air just broke the bottom, and the fence was on top, now there are various techniques like Air shower to create the most uniform temperature field. 

For this purpose the slots and openings are cut not only at the lower and upper part of the rear wall, but under each shelf. This ensures the maximum possible cooling conditions for all points of the camera.

Still standing separately to talk about the Zone of freshness. These trays in the refrigerator, where aged zero Celsius. Perhaps even the emergence of light ice, but not for long. In this mode you can store fruits, vegetables and meat longer than in the rest of the refrigeration compartment. Special mechanical system humidity does not allow the tray to dry. The fact that the scourge of NoFrost fridge is drying products, because all the moisture from the compartments is deposited on the evaporator. To avoid this, in the Zone of freshness are formatted in a special way the surface with fine grooves that trap moisture and then gradually give it to the pan. Sometimes there are even devices for regulating the area of such "honeycomb".

that is why it is impossible to answer the question, what is the optimal temperature for refrigerator. For each product and method of its preparation. If you put the meat in a Zone of freshness, then you don't need to thaw, and it can be stored for quite a long time.

Read our reviews on the website, there are excerpts from standards that specify the approximate length of storage products for morozilc, cold rooms and areas of freshness. From the above list shows, as this increases the specific area of the storage period. Although many consider the Area of the freshness of some unnecessary compartment where you can dump all that did not fit on other shelves. Here and the humidity, and the temperature is optimal, if you buy groceries on the eve of the feast, and prepare to start the next day.

Pharmaceutical refrigerator for medications

Refrigerators for medicines differ from their domestic counterparts. The temperature in them is another. This is due to the specific requirements set out in pharmacology. Typical parameters:

  1. Freezer from minus 18 to minus 25 ºC.
  2. freezer from +2 to +15 ºC.

This is not a dogma, there are other models where the temperature of the freezer can be adjusted, for example, from minus 9 to minus 30 ºC. These models have been even approximately not resemble household. The difference is obvious, but in order to properly store the medicine must be read on the packaging conditions. Note that in the pharmaceutical refrigerator there is no possibility to break once the refrigerating chamber into zones, even if the means it has to be different. Therefore, after reviewing all the instructions, you have to choose the temperature that is common for all products.

the Layout of the pharmaceutical refrigerators are often not too different from the usual. There is a fridge and freezer, sometimes they go separately. There are at least two varieties that are specific to the industry, it is:

  1. Refrigerators-safes for drugs.
  2. Portable boxes (insulated camera).

the Last and refrigerators difficult to call. It's just a box, where perfectly preserved temperature by insulating walls. Safes are much more interesting. They are protected from hacking and meet the standards for protection against possible burglars and vandals. In particular, it is not easy to break safe as a conventional refrigerator. And the steel-reinforced door has a real combination lock or the hole for the key.

Ever since this equipment will not have any issue as to measure the temperature in the refrigerator. Pharmaceutical models are not only high precision thermostat settings, but will sound an alarm if the mode is deviated from the norm. This is the key feature refrigerators for drugs, because their contents are often much more expensive food.

non-contact thermometer

This thing looks like a gun, but really it is an electronic thermometer, without which no cost, no normal Builder. The principle that the device adopts infrared radiation of objects whose spectrum depends strongly on temperature. Non-contact thermometer is designed to work in the field, so how many degrees in the freezer of the refrigerator, it will show easily.

If there is at least one familiar foreman or Builder, engineer of the organization conducting engineering surveys, you can quickly, but not exactly, to evaluate the thermal field throughout the refrigerator for a few minutes. Speed measurements with non-contact thermometer is unmatched by any other.

Is this thing a little more than one thousand, but you can't even leave the apartment in order to estimate the temperature outside the window. Shoot right on the balcony for your pleasure. But if it will seem a lot, it is recommended to pay attention to the thermometer-infrared thermometer at a price of 650 rubles, which is more like the shape of the keychain, but has great features that will be useful to any owner of the refrigerator with the NoFrost system.

On the device just two buttons – to measure and lighting. Sometimes they are labeled as Measure and the lightbulb icon. To use such a thing even a child. Digital display will show a value of up to tenths of a degree. But the error can be 2 ºC. However, for this case you can think of a dozen ways readings to clarify. This will have to do a lot of measurements, and then find the average.

of Course, in advance of the device it is necessary to verify and, if necessary, to note how he lies. This applies, however, any measuring equipment.

Baby infrared thermometer type

If the previous models were rude and gave measurements within ±2 ºC, children's thermometer NC100 Swiss Microlife for 800 rubles will help not only to determine the temperature of the child, milk, puree, power supply, and is designed to operate in the range from 0 to 100 ºC accuracy measurement of 0.1 ºC. And this is just what you need to assess the condition of the refrigerating chamber, where the mercury column and will not fall below zero.

Not so important to know exactly how many degrees in the freezer of the refrigerator. Negative readings, and okay. Here will come down and pyrometer for 650 rubles. But with a freezer case is much more complicated. One owner complained that nothing can bring back household appliances, in which the broken thermostat. In the refrigerating chamber temperature by volume, in principle, does not fall below +7 ºC.

  • It is not the fridge already does!

So she complains about women and tech firms, she says that even in the court it is useless to apply. You know, they would go to the store directly from NC100, and this incident would not have happened. Right on the spot would be appreciated that the product — stuff, and wouldn't his to take.

the most important Thing that the kids thermometer will come in handy in everyday life and for other cases, and therefore, we will be loyal assistant, we buy it not only to measure the temperature of the refrigerating chamber, although it is possible.