Lg appliances

LG Group — the fourth largest South Korean financial-industrial group in South Korea such groups are called chaebol). Main activities — electronics, chemical products, and telecommunications equipment.

headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in addition, the company has more than 200 offices and branches in 80 countries around the world.

LG formed by the merger of companies, Lucky and Goldstar . It was decided to name the new company, Lucky-Goldstar, which was later shortened to the abbreviation of LG. Company slogan "Life’s Good’ has emerged based on it.

recently we have heard the expression ‘smart home”, which means ‘smart home». That is "reasonable" technologies for home appliances. This technique is becoming very popular and demanded.

LG also never ceases to delight its consumers with new products. LG introduced its experience – technology LG THINQ.

Completely new models of LG 2012 intake, which are equipped with this technology, are marked with stickers LG THINQ Appliances. It should be noted that this standard is supported by some models of 2011.

Let's take a closer look at the possibilities of this technology.

the First thing that you should pay special attention is the fact that each device has access to the Internet and a local network of household appliances. For each household appliances can be observed on its own web page. To manage all devices that support THINQ technology, through the Internet or a local network.

‘Smart’ home appliances will allow You to save on water and electricity, providing an expense report. Such appliances adapts to Your routine, and so they can produce the necessary steps without your presence.

for Example, a washing machine itself is included on the program, "remembering" right on time, the fridge can monitor the shelf life of products. Glossary Link Microwave will cook a meal for Your arrival. The cleaner will clean the whole house, he will be purified and return to base with charger. Some appliances are equipped with video cameras that allows you to observe what is happening in the house.

to Manage THINQ appliances can not only stationary, but also from mobile devices.

Incredibly, but ‘smart’ LG appliances can cause even the repairman.

Fridge — the device supports low temperature in the heat-insulated chamber. Typically used for storage of food or items that require storage in a cool place. In developed countries, household lg refridgerators can be found in almost every family. The refrigerator is based on the use of refrigerating machines, heat transfer from the working chamber of the refrigerator to the outside, where it dissipates into the environment. There are also commercial refrigerators with greater cooling capacity, which are used at the enterprises of public catering and shops and industrial refrigerators, the volume of the working chamber which can reach tens and hundreds of cubic meters, they are used, for example, meat processing plants, industrial factories.

Refrigerators can be divided into two types: medium temperature chambers for food storage and low-temperature freezers.

LG Freezer — a separate device or part of the refrigerator that is designed for the freezing and storage of food products. The temperature in the freezer is usually −18 °C. recently, the most widespread two-chamber refrigerators, including both components. The first two-chamber refrigerators were issued by the company General Electric.

Lg mini Fridge – essential equipment in every home. It is hard to count how many times a day we look on his shelves. This is probably one of the most popular and commonly used types of household appliances. That's why the LG Electronics company pays special attention to quality and variety, producing dozens of different models. In the high number of attractive offers easy to get confused. If you are looking for a new assistant, responsible for the freshness of your lg products — we offer you to familiarize yourself with the guidelines that will help you choose exactly what you need.

Before you buy a lg refrig, you should decide the size, just measure the front door and the place where it will be proposed acquisition. Then, you should think about the design and roominess. You also need to decide in advance where it will be located freezer. If you don't freeze products – the best option would be to lower the location of the compartment.


Once the external parameters, it is worth examining the model more closely, and the first thing you need to consider – this is the class of power consumption. The fridge has to work all day, so you need to choose the least energy-consuming option. The most economical model is marked by class «And» or “+”. The LG refrigerators meet the specified standards due to the presence of a linear compressor, working silently IDO 30% efficient with a minimum expenditure of energy.


in order in advance to protect yourself, it is better to buy a lg refrigerator with a built-in stabilizer. Constant voltage fluctuations and frequent power outage fraught quick breakdown of household appliances. LG protected from voltage drop, which means that the equipment will last you a very long time.


Before buying a lg fridges, you need to decide in advance, what type of cooling system for you will be the best. It may be outdated drip system that requires periodic tedious defrost or No Frost technology that does not require such manipulation. Refrigerators LG cooling system Total No Frost, which provides rapid cooling and an even temperature on all the shelves. Thanks to innovative technologies, the condensate does not accumulate on the inner walls of the refrigerator, and this means that the camera will always be clean, and will preserve the freshness of your products.


At the last stage of choosing the perfect lg refridgerator, to look at the door seal. It should fit snugly and be without visible defects. In LG models used antibacterial seal Bioshield. It is made of high quality material, which includes active antifungal substance that prevents the formation of mildew and protects the seal from damage.