Lg refrigerator warranty

Here we want speak about warranty Lg refrigerator, but no from factory, because we speak about feedback people. It's lg refrigerator reviews from real people. If you want buy Lg refrigerator, very important read lg refrigerators reviewes. It's material especially for you. Read please.)

About LG GA-E409ULQA

We are not happy that we bought this refrigerator. It works very noisy. Call master came and explained that the refrigerator work well, from his words permissible noise level for this model 42 dBu, but this very high. Consultants at the store don’t say, about permissible noise level. And say me look lg refrigerator manual. We want that people were’t in the same situation as we.

About LG GA-B409SLQA

It has long wanted to buy a refrigerator, and finally decided and I must very pleased with this purchase. I don’t know problems with my new refrigerator. Vegetables from the garden as if constantly thwarted. No foreign odors. Works no noisy, I don’t hear. Inside everything on the shelves all nice and heat.

About LG GR-292SQ

We have this refrigerator for 7 years, we happy. However we wanted buy lg stainless steel refrigerator, but i think, i maked right choise. This refrigerator comfortable, it works no noisy. However a few noisy when empty freezer.

About LG GA-B409SLQA

We wanted buy refrigerator with french door, but we look about lg french door refrigerator reviews and make chose LG GA-B409SLQAWonderful refrigerator. It works softly. Modern. A good function – No-Frost. Nowhere is there ice and products are always cold and dry. Humidity is that the ham or sausage kept well for a long time in the fresh state. Vegetables or cheese in excellent condition. In general, company LG make a good and modern refregirators.

About LG GR-F499BNKZ

Refrigerator in half year generated an error FR, after more year generated a new error – FF. And this situation repeated every half year. And I need go with products from one refrigerator to two refrigerator, it’s good if this time winter. In the service center said that this is due to interruptions in electricity.

Is really going to freeze the drain tube and it begins to pour water into the cabin and then it gets anywhere and freezing causes damage and errors. I have many lg refrigerator problems. I know well the master lg refrigerator repair.