Mini-bar — a small fridge with drinks present in hotel rooms. A small refrigerator was first developed by the German company Siegas in the early 60-ies of XX century. Prices presents the drinks and food are usually several times higher than in the store or restaurant of the same hotel.

Most 4 and 5 star hotels in the world have mini-bars. In upscale hotels, for regular customers keep drinks and snacks prepared in advance for the guest based on his preferences in past races.

In 1988 Bartech Automatic System was installed the first automated mini-bars in Hilton Geneva, Switzerland. Automated system simplifies the work with a Minibar and reduces costs. She writes all seizures of items from the mini bar and is for employees establishments list, in what room and what set of products should be entered in each room.

Design and energy consumption

unlike a full-sized refrigerators operating on a compression refrigerating machine, mini-bars are usually equipped with absorption cooling machine. As the refrigerant is ammonia which reacts with the absorbent — water, transferring the heat of the refrigeration circuit. Such refrigeration equipment operates silently that allows you to use frigobar in hotel rooms, offices and even bedrooms. They are often used in bars or trading rooms of restaurants.

Absorption chillers operating on electricity, less effective than compression, which are used in conventional small refrigerators. Therefore, frigobar typically consume more power than compression refrigerators of similar capacity. Following the General trend of increasing efficiency, manufacturers of mini-bars strive to reduce energy consumption. Some modern frigobar spend her several times smaller than conventional models.

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