Overview of LG refrigerator GA-B489 with linear compressor

Design and appearance.

the LG Refrigerator with linear compressor differs from younger modeladmin device is a confirmation that the external appearance of the refrigerator can be a decisive criterion when pokoptsev, the outer side of the metal housing is decorated with a beautiful pattern:

We tested the model, Golden color, there is a modification in silver and white casing. It should be noted that the casing is silver and white models covered with a special compound, which protects the surface from fingerprints, easy to clean and protects against carapina Golden case no such protection.

the Outer side surface of the device quickly covered with fingerprints, and clean the metal rather trudnoci this fridge in the gold looks better than the other models, it is perfect for your kitchen interior.

the Handles on the doors external,they can be perenosite, detailed instructions are in the manual.

On the outside of the door is a control panel and display. The key illumination and display of temperature regimes look at it fabulous.

Fridge — it is ” home” the device that we will have to see every day, so the design when choosing plays an important role. We can safely say that the appearance of LG B489 you will enjoy.

Open the refrigerating chamber.

at the Top is a LED light source,from which comes a white, bright light and uniformly fills the entire space of the refrigerating chamber.

one Of the advantages of this lighting is to provide long service life, minimal heat loss and therefore no influence on the temperature in the refrigerator.

from Top to bottom, there are three glass shelves, made of impact-resistant glass,they can carry loads of up to 20 khoda shelf has a foldable design, thanks to the space in the camera and can easily accommodate three-liter jars and volume pots.

the Front face framed in durable, plastic frame. Shelves can be rearranged, for a total of seven positions.

At the bottom is a box for vegetables area (freshness) and a drawer for meat and fish (zero zone).

On the door of the refrigerating chamber, from the top, there is the section for dairy products and 3 baskets for a variety of food and drinks, they can be placed in 4 positions.


Contains three transparent drawers, the top is removable shelf for small products and ice.

On the internal components of the refrigerator, no complaints, Assembly and materials — everything is done efficiently, plastic without defects and pungent smell.

Behind the refrigerator is protected by a metal coating — this prepyatstvuet accumulation of dust. The compressor of the refrigerator is covered with a protective grate which prevents the ingress pilinovsky refrigerator are adjustable in height.


In the refrigerator LG B489  must be three shelves of impact-resistant glass (one folding), a shelf for wine bottles, a tray of eggs. In the freezer — 2 trays of ice.instruction and limiting stops for the rear wall. don't forget to check the equipment item with purchase!


size  h x W x D (cm)

200 x 59.5 x  68.8

energy Class


the Type of cooling system

Total No Frost

the Volume of the refrigeration compartment

213 l

the Volume of the freezer compartment

105 l

the Volume of the zone of freshness

17 l

power Consumption

 247 kW/h per year


40 DB

the Refrigerant and its weight

R600а , 62,

Options and features.

in Addition to the standard functions of cooling and freezing food in refrigerator, LG is the function “Fast freeze” (EXPRESS FRZ.) — will provide freeze large amount of food for 24 hours. Mode this function, the power consumption of the refrigerator is increased.

In the case of long check-out, will help you function ECO FRIENDLY (Vacation Mode) — refrigerator will operate in low power mode.
storage Area for meat and fish OPTI-ZONE (Zero zone) — an independent unit with adjustable temperature.

In control panel you can choose two modes of storage products:

1. mode of storage of meat or fish (box 0 -2 C)
Meat and fish can be stored without freezing for about a week.

2. The regime for fruit and vegetables.

at the same time in the Department of Opti-zone to keep the vegetables and meat to fail.

For fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator dedicated “Zone freshness”, on top of the box is a transparent cover with cells.

In cells collected a certain amount of moisture, and the Department created the most favorable conditions for the preservation of fruit and vegetables fresh.

the Main advantage of refrigerator LG B489 — a linear compressor the contrast to the conventional linear compressor has fewer parts in the design that are subject to friction, the motor of the compressor is installed on the piston, it helps to reduce energy costs.

the Main advantages of the linear compressor:

- low noise level in the work, about 20 DB
- durability and reliability (LG on these compressors guarantees for 10 years)
- low power consumption
- high quality and uniform cooling of the products, due to the smaller variances and extremes of temperature in the branches.


- high price.

do Not confuse a linear compressor with an inverter from Samsung.В linear compressor, all of the above advantages are achieved through a modified construction of the device. And inverter  — this is the usual piston compressor, the operating mode of which is controlled using the inverter Board.

cooling System used in the refrigerator, not different from other devices with NoFrost technology.

the noise at work about 40 DB — make the sound of the fan and the compressor.


First of all, note that the LG refrigerator W we liked.