Power calculation fridge in kW

When measuring and recording capacity of the refrigerator there is one problem. The compressor is not running constantly, and operates intervals. The usual scheme looks like this: while the freon circulates through the loop until the thermostat will not register that the internal temperature was reached, then the device shuts down and ceases to consume energy. Also, do not forget that induction motors, the speed of revolutions of which may change when run require much larger current nominal. Power calculation fridge in kW can be multiple positions — contributor or user of the electric generator. Perhaps there are other no less important area.

I – the payer account energy company

This case is the easiest. Just him and expect manufacturers. To this end, in the European Union 15 years ago passed a law that requires manufacturers to specify bright labeling of the consumption of their appliances. This was seen by everyone. It is present on any device and network to understand how a fridge consumes per day or year. Value is the average and allows you to quickly calculate the consumption of the refrigerator.

the Main consumer of electricity in the refrigerator is the compressor. Class of energy consumption of the refrigerator was graduirovka from letters a to G, in order of degradation. Very soon, however, manufacturers began to produce equipment that by its parameters was better than first class. Then came into use these designations: 

  1. A+.
  2. A++.
  3. A+++.

One plus produce energy savings relative to class a at 10%, two plus – 30%, three plus – 50%. Note that all these figures are heavily averaged, in fact there are whole ranges of values that can take the power consumption of the refrigerator. So do not think that the two devices And+ did not have differences. Now the fridge is worse than A+ is considered unpromising. By the way, the standard is class D, and refrigerators, are marked by the letter a, should spend no more than 55% of this value.

Typical usage for such models is of the order of 400 kW * h/year. It is not difficult to calculate that it will be released within one thousand. In fact, the number depends on the available equipment. The exact formula for calculating little will help us, just know that the power consumption of the refrigerator significant dimensions of the class a+ may be higher than that of the small device with the letter A. On the label, usually you can find two values — annual and daily. But there is also a refrigerator with two compressors, in which the parameters are specified for each engine individually or in total.

Many are also interested in what capacity freezing. Taking this opportunity, we will tell you about it. Those who think that we are talking about getting ice and figure 20 kg/day means that it is a solid substance will be wrong. Actually the measurement is done on a special plastic bags of 1 kg, 500 and 125 g in the form of a parallelepiped. Inside is filled with incredibly fluid, consisting of four components, we can describe this mix:

  1. Water — about 75%.
  2. the Emulsifier with the unpronounceable name — around 20%.
  3. Salt — 5%.
  4. Antiseptics — about 1%.

Then it all depends on climatic class. For refrigerators N tests are conducted at a temperature of 32 ºC, the packages are maintained in the same conditions. For the tropical climate (T) the external environment should have a temperature of 43 ºC. the Packages are placed in coolers and freezers, where all objects must freeze. In cooling chambers to +5 ºC, freezer – up to -18 ºC. the bags are placed in a special way so that they do not touch each other. To understand that the liquid has reached a predetermined temperature, is placed inside a special sensor.

I – the owner of the diesel generator

In this case you want to calculate how much consumes the fridge, before purchase or installation so as not to damage the generator. First, I discuss the use of two compressors. Whatever may be said about these models, and the consumption of tandem engines will always exceed the single. However! All modern refrigerators are protected from simultaneous operation of the motors, so it is necessary to clarify this in advance with the manufacturer. Especially dangerous is the very first run. While the engines will be operated simultaneously.

what feature asynchronous types of motors? Such engines flexibly adjust their speed, they are used not only in some types of refrigerators, but also in the lifts. Where it is necessary when moving from place to give low speed. Feature of induction motors is that at the initial time they can consume power up to 8 times exceeds the nominal value. However, among the manufacturers of generators sit also smart guys. Typically, each diesel unit provided with such characteristics as long-term overload. During this whole hour the engine can produce power at 10% more than the average for the passport.

This figure is clearly stated on most sites that sell products. But there is another important characteristic, which is usually hidden. This short time overload capacity, which lasts a few seconds.

now, choose a diesel generator, which is written, that this parameter is equal or close to infinity. Such short-term instruments can even withstand a short circuit at its contacts. Such characteristics allow them to bear the immediate burden of starting of induction motors, which exceeds the face value many times over.

How this might look in practice. Capacity refrigerator in kilowatts when the normal mode is about 1. This means that at the start he will consume 7 – 8 times more. Get 7 – 8 kW. It is such a load is short-term and will have to pull the diesel generator. Take comfort in the knowledge that the fridge in principle does not apply to powerful consumers, so will work from almost any source of energy. Of course, it should be appropriate.

in Addition there are refrigerator with linear compressor. This method of motor control, in which the movement of freon never stops. Remember, in the beginning we considered the principle of operation of a typical refrigerator? Now, not all models work in a stepwise style on the principle of rest-jerk. Other uniformly maintain the temperature, while their energy consumption is clearly less than the first, because of efforts to create a cold is distributed more evenly. You might think that this system is disadvantageous, because the motor all the time under load, but in fact, experts say that it is just the opposite. Even a small movement of less harmful.

Why invented linear compressors? They have less engine noise. Quieter cooler is not so annoying. So another tip. Fear the power of your generator? Take the refrigerator with linear compressor. The price is not a bargain, but the result will be pleased.

And another thing I would like to see. Many manufacturers provide a number average when it comes to power consumption. If a passport is 400 kW * h/year, this does not mean that his instantaneous parameters can be calculated like this:

400 / 365 days / 24 hours = 45 watts.

This is just the average figure, which includes the holidays. It is not suitable for calculation in kW load diesel generator. You want to find an instantaneous value. How to do it? Find out the type of motor in the product, call the manufacturer or write a letter. Ways a lot. At least you can try to measure the strength of the current working of the refrigerator. This ammeter is included somewhere in the region of the outlet. An experienced specialist will easily hold froze, and the beginner can be read on any computer website. As for the linear compressor, and so this formula is about fair. Another plus in the Treasury innovators.

I – the owner of the old wiring in the apartment

This case is the most difficult, because we cannot ascertain how many are able to withstand the transaction. Refrigerator is not powerful consumer, but we have already talked about induction motors, and can also contribute to electric stoves or heaters. In this case, as it is not difficult to guess, we would recommend again the refrigerator with linear compressor. They are the least Intrusive home network.

Note that unlike generator wiring can and will not tolerate tricks induction motors. It is better to perform the installation of all new cables copper conductors with a large capacity.