Repair of refrigeration units with their own hands – how to resolve problems on their own

not all the fault of household refrigerators require the intervention of specialists in the service center. Some failure you will be able to correct yourself. You will not need special knowledge, skills, and professional equipment. Repair of refrigerators with their hands in the following cases:

  • light is not lit when open door
  • in the lower refrigerator replacement parts compartment because of the condensation,
  • on the floor under the unit formed moisture
  • refrigerator not effectively cools the products.

If the refrigerator does not turn on the light, then the cause of this problem may be a blown bulb. In this case, repair the refrigerators without the help of experts will be easy. It is enough to disconnect the unit from the mains power, remove the dome and replace the blown element.

Such a failure, as the formation of condensate in the lower part of the refrigerating unit indicates the clogging of the drainage system. You can perform a repair of household refrigerators himself, having made purification of drain pipes. This requires them to blow out and wash with concentrated solution of manganese. Similar measures should be taken if you have noticed that under the refrigerator collects water. If in your refrigerator need make compressor, need make air compressor repair in service.

If the unit is not effectively cools the products, check the temperature regime. In addition, the refrigerator must be subject to defrost (only if the equipment is not equipped with the system ’Frost»). The emergence of the problem may be caused by errors in operation of the unit:

in the refrigerator was located hot food,

the door of the wardrobe for a long time remained open, etc.

In this case, repair the refrigerator by yourself will not work - you will need the help of experts.

Prevention appliances

In many cases, the voltage drops in the network provoke the breakdown of refrigeration units. To protect your equipment from such problems, it is enough to buy a voltage stabilizer.

If you perform a repair of household refrigerators his hands failed because of a serious failure or lack of a suitable tool, then you can always seek help from professionals. Our skilled technicians will perform the necessary diagnostic work and promptly resolve any problems.

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