Technology linear compressor

Linear Compressor (linear compressor) – the type of gas engine compressor developed by LG Electronics, in which the motor is mounted directly on the piston, in contrast to widespread convection compressors, where the motor is located in a separate section. Used in the manufacture of refrigerators, air conditioners, industrial freezers, and other refrigeration devices.


Traditional mechanisms compressors represent ordinary motors, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, and mechanical rotary.

Through a special transmission compressors convert the rotation of the rotor of the motor in the forward return movement of the piston system, which creates pressure, which is the main purpose of the compressor operation.

In most modern compressors (but not linear) is articulated link between the rotating rotor and piston system, which leads to additional consumption of energy by friction, vibration and noise.

Linear compressor eliminates the hinge link that converts the rotation of the rotor of the motor in the movement of the piston mechanism. In the linear compressor under the action of an electromagnetic field moving pistons themselves.

advantages of technology

1. Increased reliability and high wear resistance

unlike standard convection compressors in the linear compressor excluded translational-rotational motion of the motor, which can significantly increase the wear resistance due to the absence of friction and fewer mechanical interaction of the component parts of the compressor. Currently the main producer of the linear compressor, LG Electronics, provides a 10 year warranty on the operation of the linear compressor in their products.

2. Environmentally friendly and low energy consumption

Installation of the motor directly on the piston allows to increase the efficiency of the compressor due to lower energy costs (due to fewer mechanical processes inside the motor) needed to bring the piston into motion.

3. Silent operation

Linear compressor allows you to minimize the level of noise produced by the motor due to the smaller number of mechanical contacts. The noise level of the linear compressor does not exceed 20 dB.


At the moment the technology is used in most energy efficient refrigerators and air conditioners, LG Electronics, industrial freezers, and other refrigeration devices.