The compressor of the refrigerator with your hands

Many people know how to make the compressor of the refrigerator with his hands, but not everyone knows how to properly operate the device. You will appreciate the fact that some DHM allows to obtain a pressure of about 10 ATM, while special professional stations are often made and at 2 ATM. It is easy to guess that the factory compressor also has a number of advantages. So what are they? Now try to evaluate all of these issues on consistency. What a compressor does. Let's start with 10 distinctive features homemade solutions.

Professional and DIY compressors, 10 differences

In this case, we recommend to start reading the review from the end. 10 differences, which has a motor-compressor fridge, so that's not immediately understand without a knowledge of the principles of operation.

  • Professional compressor uses a conventional electric motor, which through a belt drive or directly transmits the movement of the working chamber. Often there is a piston. Refrigeration compressor is normally collected in a single chassis with motor and belt.
  • Factory is a professional compressor for technical purposes provided the right mix of automation and units, this valve discharge pressure gauge pressure switch, input filter, output filter, gauges, receiver in the form of a steel cylinder. Refrigeration compressor will have to establish yourself having considered all the options, and selecting and regulating equipment.
  • Although the factory compressor often is running automatics. The simplest model constantly have to switch off by timer. The time is registered manually on the clock. Refrigeration compressors are most often equipped with protective relays (apart from starting). In this case, the engine is turned off when overheat sensing element and can hardly burn.
  • Grease in the factory compressor is a separate issue. There are even dry model piston with graphite rings. The life they have smaller, as well as the cost. But grease is not necessary, and the air is clean. This is important not only for capricious spray guns, no impurities, but when the tyres in the garage (tools, on the contrary, the oil loves, requires installations to the grease nipple hose-lubricators). Refrigeration compressors are literally bathed in oil, and air conditioning. They swim in the tub, but also can be used on the body holes for the driving of grease and other suitable substances, or use of the service pipe. Synthetic oil usually does not fit well with the usual, so do not mindlessly pouring inside everything your heart desires.
  • refrigeration compressor made according to the norms of home appliances to operate very quietly, if tightly put on all tubes, then this state will be maintained. None of the neighbors garages will not hear that we decided to swap wheels. Factory compressor for technical purposes behaves more pathetic, because the requirements are different.
  • refrigeration compressor usually we think nothing, because we removed the old appliances. Control valves have to buy it, but its price is usually placed within one thousand. Factory compressor station bought in the store under normal conditions. For comparison automotive pump Airline Classic-2 CA-030-02 with a capacity of 30 l/min at 7 bar sells for 1,400 rubles, but does not have a receiver (or rather very small), and therefore of little use for other purposes in addition to swap wheels.
  • From the refrigeration compressor can build a station on their needs, as many do. To configure the same purchase device is usually not possible. If performance is small, then only will that wheel to swing. Improvised same compressor can be provided with a sufficiently large receiver. Having increased inside 8 ATM, to use most of pneumatic equipment is a joy. It is an additional plus.
  • the layout of the compressor stations have already been preset. Your own instrument, we can place as convenient. Some enter into all the details inside kangarooboo corps, which was previously equipped with sewing machines, and provide it with a handle for manual transportation.
  • the body of the compressor of the refrigerator is made black, so it is better to give warmth, but some even cut off the upper part of the casing to enhance cooling. We suggest instead to put the fan, which blows outside the device.
  • refrigeration compressor usually in our country is by design UHL, therefore, has some limitations on operating conditions. It is in any case more than 10 ºC. approximate values for all climatic conditions:
  1. N (normal) from 16 to 32 ºC.
  2. SN (subnormal) from 10 to 32 ºC.
  3. T (tropical) from 18 to 43 ºC.
  4. ST (subtropical) from 18 to 38 ºC.

by Far the most common combination classes, which are denoted by a dash and include both range addition. For example, from 16 to 38 ºC. the above differences, of course, not the only, but we tried to make it clear that the self-made stations of the refrigeration compressor will sometimes give 100 points handicap purchased, although the device is not designed to work with air. However, during normal operation inside fall and oil, water, and air. Therefore, we cannot say that the refrigeration compressor will faint if you see the oxygen or nitrogen in the cover.