The new line of LG refrigerators with linear compressor

Linear compressor and energy saving

All models of the new range of LG refrigerators with energy consumption And++ is equipped with a linear compressor, which device provides low noise, high reliability and low energy consumption, but also helps to maintain a preset temperature, with minimum deviations.

80% of the total energy consumption of the refrigerator has a compressor, since he is responsible for the entire cooling system. Improving this system can significantly reduce energy consumption and save on utility bills. Brand development, LG Electronics – linear compressor – allows you to change the energy class a+ to A++ and thus to increase the efficiency of cooling products. For optimum temperature refrigerator with linear compressor requires less time, so foods retain their taste for much longer than in conventional refrigerators. And, in addition, the linear compressor LG virtually silent.

Quiet operation is achieved due to the special principle of compressor: if in conventional systems, the piston makes almost a complete revolution around its axis, the linear compressor drives the motor, without the use of a rod. The piston progressively moves through the electromagnetic field winding, and then spring back. Thus, instead of the four points of friction in the linear compressor only one that reduces the noise level to a minimum. 

Features that help to preserve the freshness

to Preserve the taste and freshness of the products in the new LG refrigerators helps a number of proprietary technologies:

  • - System LG Total No Frost provides uniform cooling and freezing of products without frost, and also prevents moisture and unpleasant odors in the freezer. Therefore, this refrigerator does not need defrosting.
  • - multi-threaded cooling Multi Air Flow evenly distributes cool air, contributing to longer preservation of products (even on the top shelf). The air circulates through multiple vents, effectively cooling and maintaining the set temperature.
  • - "Zero" area 0 Fresh support in a special compartment of zero temperature and creates optimal conditions for storage of meat, fish or vegetables. The presence of such zones saves Housewives trouble with freezing and thawing of products and allows you to quickly start cooking.
  • - the Optimal level of humidity for storing vegetables and fruits is achieved due to the special mesh surface cover system Moist Balance Crisper. The condensate accumulates in "honeycomb" and evaporates, not getting on the products. Vegetables and fruits retain the right amount of moisture, flavor and nutrients.

Design: style and comfort

the Company LG has also paid special attention to the design of new models of refrigerators. New items available in five colors: color steel, beige, white, black, "silver" and Shiny Modern.

Comfortable handle with push mechanism allows smooth, without sharp movements to open the refrigerator door. And the opportunity to open the door with zero clearance allows for fully extended drawers, even if the door is opened only at 90°. Due to this particular unit can comfortably accommodate even in a small kitchen, for example, in the corner – the wall will not interfere to get the foods out of the fridge.

Smart Diagnosis: diagnosing problems over the phone

Another convenient benefit of LG refrigerators – technology Smart Diagnosis, which allows timely and promptly resolve possible problems in the operation of the refrigerator. Using Smart Diagnosis problem can be identified remotely – not causing a specialist service in the house. The function automatically diagnose the problem over the phone without user intervention. The owner of the fridge just bring your phone to the device and give the operator the service center to listen to the audio signal. Raskodirovat it assistants service center will be able to explain to the user how to fix the problem, or to prepare the necessary parts and tools for repairs.