The repair of the refrigerator with your hands

How to fill the refrigerator with freon their hands

the Main failure modes converge to the contour of the freon. Leaked refrigerant and the refrigerator is not cold. Whirlpool in this sense no different from the other. It would be nice to know the device of the refrigerator in order to make repairs. Without such concepts as the compressor and filter drier, inside and do nothing.

Why do I need a Schrader valve

Usually, when it comes to the master, it is necessary to check the circulation system freon leak. And how to do it? The leak detector is configured to search freon, but if everything is already leaked, how, in fact, be looking for? It is understandable. In the loop you need to add something to create pressure. It is believed that this air is mixed with freon, but in practice the second component is eliminated completely, because some remnants in the system would still be available. So let's get just the right mix. 

But how to keep everything inside? This is where the Schrader valve. It connects to the service pipe of the compressor. Reportedly Schrader valve is a conventional nipple. The only difference is that he keeps well low temperatures. But it's not. The distinction we will mention below. Through the Schrader valve compressor into the system pumped the air. Now came the leak detector. All detected cracks are localized, sealed. Only then can you start vacuuming and refilling.

For reference. The air pressure in the refrigerant circuit should be:

  1. 15 ATM, if the tube is made of aluminum.
  2. 25 ATM, if pipes of copper or steel.

Reset air and nitrogen purging refrigerant circuit of the refrigerator

Modern freon will not harm the environment, so they decided to drop out of the loop for the window. In the truest sense of the word, and taking precautions. You will need needle grip. It is a device that takes in a vise, for example, filter-drier, after which the clamping screw is puncture copper. When this part goes bad, but when you refill freon its still decided to change to a new one. Displaying a hose out the window, opening the valve, wait until stranitsa excess pressure. The life of the refrigerator exceeds what can give us the refrigerant circuit, so you should know how to do these things.

Then purging with nitrogen. This helps to remove the remaining moisture from the system. Since we already put the Schrader valve, the gas inlet is through him. Output – on the filter-drier through the needle capture. Make sure that the pressure in the container with nitrogen does not exceed 6 bar. Otherwise you need to use a reducer to reduce:

  • purged refrigeration unit for some time;
  • close the valve needle capture;
  • cut filter-drier in the area of the capillary tube;
  • another blow.

Please note, when will conduct the dismantling of the old filter-drier that the refrigerant circuit must not be in the opened state for longer than 15 minutes. Once the purge is over, hold a blowtorch or lockring and put a new filter-drier. In the case of isobutane this should be a three-layer filter dehydration – one of the ways to prolong the service life of the refrigerator.

What is the Schrader valve from the usual nipple auto

It's amazing, but there is no human articles about the Schrader valve. Some eggheads bring confusion that say that this is the usual nipple from the car. Charming, why bother buying something that everyone has in the garage? Shoveled a mountain of information, we put the first (and not the fact that right) in Runet explanation why there is a need Schrader valve, and what it is. It differs from the male in that when creating a vacuum from the outside, it swings open and relieve pressure. Therefore, it is possible to connect the gas cylinder – that will be held inside –  and a vacuum pump for pumping the contents of freon loop. The stream will go to the one and to the other side without any problems.

Refrigeration Affairs masters this fact seems so obvious that they don't even work to explain, how is it that gas station is able and pressure to build in the system, and vacuum. Just on the service pipe napivaetsya Schrader valve, and then the process goes on increasing. And we can only sit and ears flapping. They said that this valve… But actually it is not quite the opposite, and more specifically, it is not. And now everything falls into place, and repair of refrigerators Biryusa it doesn't seem that difficult. 

Refill through the collector of freon in refrigerator

Another lovely feature of all reviews and dealers is a great advertising filling stations, which often contradict each other and does not explain how it works – we had almost said, after all the agony – this stuff! The first question – why are there two gauge? One of them measures the vacuum, in fact, his testimony can be below zero, as we will see later. Second – not much different from the first.

the bottom line is that gas station – the device is versatile, it is used often for refills of air conditioners. And they decided to use two pipe:

  1. the high pressure Side of the compressor.
  2. the low-pressure Side of the compressor.

the Process is slightly different from the one that goes hand-in-hand repair refrigerators Nord. In particular, the necessity of filling the new product is determined by the temperature difference at two points, when you open the valve on the filling system. For this purpose we need two gauge at the gas station. We will need refilling the freon just left. This low-pressure gauge. Now how is the connection of a gas station:

  1. Left nipple goes to the Schrader valve service port of the compressor.
  2. Medium pipe connected to the cylinder freon or gas cylinder.
  3. Right pipe connected to the vacuum pump.

the Cranes on the workstation must be closed, and the valve of gas cylinder or a cylinder. Now we are ready to pump out the air.

note. We believe that punctured the filter-drier is already replaced with a new one. As if to purge with nitrogen was used valve and the second Schrader valve installed on the filter drier, pressure was atmospheric, and the pump removed.

Open both valve petrol station and turn on the vacuum pump. After some time the pressure gauge low pressure (left) must fall to minimum (-30). This means that you can turn off the pump. Close the right valve, the line is more we do not need. Note that the pumping process lasts from 15 to 30, despite purging with nitrogen. It is necessary to completely remove moisture from the system. Also will move away from the oil of the compressor and the old freon.

refills are by weight indicated on the label of the refrigerator. If there is not the type of refrigerant, refer to information on the Internet. Gas cylinder labels are mass substances, and store the canister will have to weigh in the attached state, and after opening the gate to wait patiently until the desired mass of the refrigerant go into a loop. Then all the valves overlap.

And what about the Schrader valve? The pressure of the freon on both sides will slam him, he will cease to issue and turn in the closed state. So, it's time to pinch the service pipe, cut off the Schrader valve and solder crack. Many are interested in the plan, which is part of advanced freon left in a refueling hose… It really is a issue that is not discussed in the literature. We believe that the weight on the label of the refrigerator are subject to such losses.

Some information about finding leaks freon in refrigerators

the leak detectors are configured each to his brand of freon. Don't try to find them any other damage. I would like to say that some combine purging with nitrogen to find leaks, but it's wrong. We have already said that air is blown into the system to 15 – 25 ATM, and nitrogen not more than 6. Consequently, the power leakage will be different in such conditions. Here saving technological operations can backfire badly when refilled with freon in two weeks calmly drained. On this occasion it would be nice to see that after refueling is a test start of the fridge without pinches the service pipe. In this case, the arrow left of the gauge should drop to zero (approximately).

After work leak again performs his duties. In this case it is better to be safe than to nedosmotrel, when repair of the refrigerator with his hands. At this tonight. Repair refrigerator fan will look at how some other time. And we hope that readers will not attempt to Unscrew the nipple Schrader valve to bleed the air, and will just use the item as directed.