The temperature in the refrigerator freezer

It is not so widely known, but according to the European view of the tunnel divided into several classes. Why – why is it needed? We believe that all comes from the difference in the conditions of storage products. If the standards of the Russian Federation suggest that the freezer temperature should be from minus 18 to minus 24 ºC, then in Europe looking at things a little differently. We believe that this is the right approach. It allows in some cases to save energy without sacrificing quality. And today we are going to justify this point of view. The temperature in the refrigerator freezer, what should it be? Depends on what will be stored!

At what temperature to store food in the freezer

We decided to make a brief digression into the cooking and technology of food industry, to be clear, why bother to start a discussion! For instance, mayonnaise. It is stored at a temperature of from zero to +18 ºC and simply not subject to freezing. More conditions are usually indicated on the package. But when it comes to, for example, margarine (which some call a petroleum product), then the disposition is fundamentally different. See for yourself:

  1. When stored in conditions from +11 ºC to +15 ºC shelf life ranges from 30 to 15 days.
  2. When stored in conditions from +5 ºC to +10 ºC shelf life ranges from 20 to 45 days.
  3. When stored under conditions of 0 ºC to +4 ºC shelf life ranges from 60 to 35 days.
  4. When stored in conditions from minus 9 ºC to 0 ºC shelf life ranges from 75 to 45 days.
  5. When stored in conditions from -10 ºC to minus 20 ºC shelf life ranges from 60 to 90 days.
We see that in the freezer (not in any, we will talk about this below) margarine stored up to 6 times longer. Obviously, if the purchase amount is great, and to spend all at once is not possible, it is better to put the product out there, where there is frost. Note the spikes near zero, +15, +4 minus 10 degrees Celsius. These are the marks that are usually focused manufacturer. For example, in Europe the class of the freezer marked by asterisks: (See. also: 
  • 0 asterisks corresponds to the temperature of the ice machine, which barely cold;
  • 1 asterisk corresponds to the temperature in the freezer compartment minus 6 ºC;
  • 2 asterisks correspond to the temperature in the freezer compartment minus 12 ºC;
  • 3 stars correspond to the temperature in the freezer compartment -18 ºC;
  • 4 stars correspond to the temperature in the freezer compartment minus 18 ºC, but belongs to a different class of devices.

it is Clear that consumption models with such characteristics will be very different, as is the price. And is it worth paying for the extra options, each will solve itself.

Meat products in the freezer

Obviously, when buying margarine on one side of the packaging makes no sense to spend money, quite another can argue those who love for the future to prepare the meat:

  1. frozen meat at a temperature of from minus 14 to minus 18 ºC is stored up to six months.
  2. Cooking meats at a temperature of minus 18 to minus 22 ºC stored up to three months.
  3. the Meat is frozen at a temperature of from minus 8 to minus 12 ºWith the stored order of the week.

We see what the big differences are observed when the temperature in the refrigerator freezer is beginning to change. What conditions will be suitable? If slaughter was a sheep, and the holiday is not planned, it is obvious that the class of the freezer must not be lower than three stars. Otherwise there is every chance of poisoning or to throw a large portion of the carcass. Of course, the option will have to pay: as you know, any insulation is characterized by resistance to the flow of energy, and the potential is created by the temperature difference. That is, the colder the freezer, the greater will be the loss. We should not forget about the condenser, which is located on the back wall. Because of the heat there will be a stand out more, and its temperature will rise. Therefore, the condensation process will be impaired.

Chicken eggs in the freezer

All this together leads to higher design and additional expenditures of energy. It is a mistake to think that there is a simple rule, the lower the temperature in the freezer, the better. Not so well known fact that raw egg is capable of very long be kept in the cold. But the temperature should not be too low:

  • In the conditions of 0 ºC to minus 2 egg stored up to 3 months.

the First time you heard that you could get rid of rotten eggs? But what if the temperature even lower? The embryo of the chicken eggs are killed at a temperature of +4 ºC. We believe will change the consistency of the yolk and albumen, and with further increasing temperature, the shell will simply burst, because the coefficient of thermal contraction of any of the liquids is higher than that of solid phone people say that the eggs can lie long enough at room temperature (a couple weeks), but we advise you to use GOST 52121, which States that the product should be stored in conditions from 0 to +20 ºWith:

  1. Diet eggs – no more than one week.
  2. Table eggs – no more than 25 days.
  3. Washed eggs – no more than 12 days.

This gives you a rough idea of the timing, we're just confused, that says nothing about the gradation of the storage period depending on temperature. So, people say the truth. Although, perhaps, this implies that there is no high/low humidity, and the temperature is about 20 ºC, in which we live require physicians and regulations. In this case, the optimal temperature in the freezer is exactly minus 2 ºC. Biologists and technologists for a long time we thought. So, a refrigerating chamber with zero stars just suitable for these purposes.

Fish products in the freezer

Here we met with gastronomic preferences. And what is the optimal temperature freezer for storing fish? It is very important for areas where a lot of people. GOST 51493 explains that stores the catch at a temperature not exceeding -18 ºC. Clearly the same freezer can not because of technical capabilities to provide all the necessary fan of fried fish and fried at the same time. GOST 1168 indicates periods of storage at -18 ºC and below. If the minimum temperature in the freezer still does not exceed -10 ºC, the time is reduced by half (50%). Below is shown the duration of storage, non-glazed products for conventional methods, which we all used in the home: 

  1. Cod, groupers – 4 months.
  2. far Eastern salmon, walleye, perch, pike, carp, catfish, whitefish – 6 months.

the Majority of freshwater fish kept about 6 months. If necessary, readers can inquire into the standard. Marine fish are more Moody, she lies without treatment 4 months even under the standard. From all this it follows that it is necessary to take the freezer with three stars. And it is not less than minus 18 ºC. Only under such conditions will be provided with the best conditions for storage.

Medicine freezer

Refrigerators for medicines differ by at least three features from the usual:

  1. the Availability of accurate control and precise temperature maintenance.
  2. Alarm sound or light on the output mode for the range.
  3. the Difference between operating modes. The temperature in the refrigerator and freezer frequently does not fall under any of the stars.

Because of these features and are made of a special home refrigerators for medicine. They are more expensive, but can be maintained very accurately the different modes. The maximum temperature in the freezer can exceed (in absolute value in the direction of growth) minus 30 ºC. When buying this fridge in the first place, attention is paid to temperature regimes, they should approach the use of drugs. In many models there are castles and even protection from hacking. This includes secure storage of medicines. In particular, many medical refrigerators have resistance to cracking under the standards.

when Choosing a refrigerator, pay attention to its climatic modification, for example, for cold insulation countries less powerful, affecting the compressor. Where the equipment will work more intensively, and it is a tropical climate, and the cost of the devices will be more expensive. It is clear that the cooling coil is easier when the room is so cool. In this regard, failure to comply with operating conditions the temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator may differ from the nominal. Even if the compressor will operate without interruption, in the heat it will be difficult to achieve the desired output mode, if we have a model of performance N. conversely, tropical refrigerator costs a bit more, so not transported in cold countries, therefore it is not always advantageous to look at the sale and to buy.