What is the basis for operation of the compressor of the refrigerator

Many will seem ridiculously simple device of the refrigerator when the review will be read till the end. Inside is the heart — compressor — which runs in a circle freon. Veins of steel or copper transfer the refrigerant to the desired point, and capillary tube creates the right balance of pressure. As a result, we have what we have: freon expands in the evaporator of the freezing chamber, passes into the gaseous state, taking a large amount of heat is directed to the compressor for compression and condensation on the coil, located at the rear of the refrigerator. This is not the only method, but the main. There are refrigerators adsorption, where the movement of the refrigerant caused by periodic heating and cooling of the working substance. They can work at least on the wood, if the designer will provide such an opportunity, but it is typically a gas.

what is the basis For operation of the compressor of the refrigerator

the principle of the refrigerator based on the ability of freon give and take a lot of heat when moving into a different phase state. In particular, the condensation is accompanied by release of energy, and the evaporation-absorption. To increase the speed of heat transfer to the phase change occurs in the coils:

  • evaporator;
  • condenser.

everyone can see, if you bother to look for your kitchen refrigerator. There is a curved tube provided with a radiator made of steel mesh to accelerate heat dissipation. Strictly speaking perfect diffuser is made of copper, but in the case of refrigerators such a step would lead to excessive fragility of the whole structure. Tube condenser is very thin, and it is not a coincidence. So gas has become liquid, will help him pressure created by the compressor. Inside the condenser is pumped freon due to this one fact, its temperature increases, becoming higher than the environment. 

the Refrigerant enters a different phase state. Due to this, energy is released, which in addition increases the temperature. As a result the temperature of the condenser can handle 60 ºC, and this is comparable to the radiators. It is clear that due to this heat begins to dissipate, aided by the rugged shape of the radiator. The greater the difference between the temperatures of the condenser and cuisine, the stronger is the heat transfer. In fact, the leakage energy is proportional to this difference. Therefore, in the cool of the device work easier. This means that the compressor carries lower overhead.

as a result, the operating conditions in the case of refrigerators, play a crucial role in prolonging or shortening the life of equipment.

Growing power consumption of refrigerators with increasing ambient temperature. It should be clear as two and two. The more we spend on heating, the higher will account for freezing products. Of course,  refrigerator features and the low threshold health, which should not be crossed. This is due mainly to the compressor oil, which thickens with decreasing temperature. This fact should be obvious to motorists who have not only to change but also to think, what to fill inside his horse in a particular season. The difference is that the compressor oil is right in the refrigerant circuit. In the video, which shows how to make refrigerator pump, the lubricant is ejected from the nozzles, but this is not a malfunction. The compressor is literally awash in oil bath for longer life.

After the condenser is a capillary tube. Its purpose is to create a pressure difference. Before the compressor turns the vacuum, and after straining compressed gas under the action of the piston.  don't be a capillary tube, the motor would have to give much more speed that only due to the speed of the pump to create the necessary conditions for the operation of the equipment. The internal diameter of the capillary tube is quite small, and the cooled freon hardly flows through the meters narrow space on the way to the evaporator.

There in this place is one factor that has a great impact on the performance of the equipment: If the refrigerant circuit water is present, then cooled refrigerant at the outlet of the capillary tube freezes. Is formed by vacuum and low temperature ice that accumulates gradually, clogging the passage. In this case, the refrigerator stops freeze and the compressor are not very favorable conditions for work.

the refrigerator Compressor is able to accumulate a pressure of about 25 ATM. It is approximately 8 times more than what we have in the pipeline. Imagine what will happen inside if the ice plug will block the exit of the capillary tube? The device of the refrigerator can not withstand such a turnover. This will result in breakage of any parts. That's the reason for the exclusion of water, which in any case enters in the manufacture or refueling of the refrigerator, there is a special element of freon loop – filter-drier. Its purpose is to remove any moisture. Inside the adsorbent, which does not affect the freon, but absorbs water vapor (recall that before the condenser, the refrigerant has a high temperature, and the fluid is in a gaseous state).

This element must be replaced when filling the system with freon. And before the fridge is purged with nitrogen or vacuumized to eliminate moisture and air. Sometimes do consistently. Nitrogen is inert, so there is no chance that there will be an explosion of combustible freon (there are). Thus, liquid refrigerant flows after the capillary tube into the evaporator and finds here a reduced pressure. This substance helps to go into another physical state absorbs much heat. 

What else can be found inside the fridge

the design is typical for all compressor refrigerators nevertheless there are still things that are useful to know:

  • the Principle of operation of the refrigerator with the NoFrost system is based on the forced air blower evaporator air which is taken away from the cameras. Accordingly, the cooled stream is returned to the place. There are systems with one evaporator at both branch or two. The latter are more expensive, you can enable the camera separately and with great precision to regulate the temperature and prevent the mixing of odors in the freezer and grocery part of the device. And not at all among the models NoFrost cheap. However, there are already refrigerators with forced convection at a cost of approximately 16,000 rubles, which fits perfectly in the pocket of a typical Russian consumer.
  • NoFrost fridge has a problem, which is devoid of the usual model. You've all heard that in such ice is not formed, although they dried products, but it is sometimes forgotten that all the moisture in the form of frost deposited on the evaporator. That's why refrigerators NoFrost are self-defrosting heating element that periodically heats the coil. All the liquid drains usually on the same course by which air passes into the lower compartment. Therefore, if in the refrigerator detected naled or not cooled down, then you should check, whether blowing cold air. This will be a regular piece of paper which is first applied to an exhaust hole camera (to stick), then to the intake case (should mutilates).
  • In many refrigerators have a system antiepilepsy door freezer. The most ham-fisted it made the Belarusian models. Try to put your finger between the sections. Felt distinctly warm, the heat almost burns. We believe that after the compressor freon does honorary circle in this place. For the simple reason that to put the electric heater is not meaningful.
  • Typically, the filter-drier, and a good portion of the tube freon tract is hidden under the sprayed insulation. If in the Soviet refrigerators did not do without good old glass wool, it is now common to use polyurethane foam. Therefore, after repairs have sprayed a bit. We do not recommend to use for this remote (and still need a gas mask and protective clothing), instead, look for liquid insulation in cans. Shake, listening to the ball, aim the flare where you want, push the button. A chance to breathe this shit at work is quite small.
  • specifications refrigerators typically include cooling capacity. It is measured in special containers and the physical real burden to the consumer shall not be. However, you can simply compare models in this parameter. Cooler (like air conditioners) performance may exceed consumption of network capacity, because the cooling is indirectly. Heat is simply transferred from the inside to the kitchen. The same applies, for example, heat pumps, using which you can significantly save on bills. So don't try in any way to compare the performance of the refrigerator with his power, directly because these parameters are not related. Parameters refrigerators are optimized by manufacturers of various methods to improve the efficiency, but the connection of input and output characteristics are still not observed directly.

Today we told how the refrigerator. Add to this that the compressor is usually provided with protective relay and run the thermostat, which in the simplest case is equipped with a pressure sensor to measure the temperature.