What the fridge is the best

to Choose the most reliable enough difficult. In the modern world there are many brands. Manufactured under them technique is very often of poor quality or has inflated the price. Therefore, before going to the store you need to carefully and thoroughly study the subject of purchase. I hope that this article will help to answer the question of what the is the best refrigerator and why.

to start, you can tell how determined the final cost of the refrigerator. First of all the influence it exerts a number of air compresser and their size and power. The more compressors, the more expensive equipment and more power. Next are taken into account various additional functions, most of which are often unnecessary. Here, when setting rates is taken into account the fact of having something new, for example, timers, and various sound signals. The price themselves “on” is often minimal and the Supplement to the final price tag is very significant.

in Addition there is a trend – than raskruchenny brand, the more expensive the product. No matter what technique is assembled at the same factory with some unknown manufacturer and is identical with its quality products. Here the buyer pays for the brand under which assembled the fridge. So a sticker with the name of a popular company–producer often is not a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Decide on the maximum price and the size of the fridge before you go buying. In most small appliances are very often not available freezer. Instead there is a special built-in shelf. This fridge will go well for a single person or a country house. It has one big plus – minimum power consumption. However, if the place is in the kitchen allows, it is best fridge to buy a large .

Camera, doors, and shelves

what brand luchshev modern technology can be and three cameras. The number of doors are usually one or two, rarely three or four. The latest models are usually pretty expensive. Therefore, in our market their range is small. If desired, such equipment can be bought under the order by selecting it in a special directory.

the Shelves are often made of glass. Rarely used metal lattice. They, by the way, in recent times are becoming rarer, though, and have significant plus – allow the air almost freely circulate through the space of the refrigerator, which contributes to longer preservation products. Glass shelves much easier to wash, and they look more aesthetically pleasing.

At the door of any modern refrigerator is always a lot of fixtures — their number is always more drawers, shelves and supplied. In some cases, none at all.

this is Done in order that the buyer was later acquired the missing parts separately. Their price is often very high. So before buying you should learn about it from the sellers or later will have to buy that you can buy together with another model in the set.

defrost System

currently, there are two defrost: drip and Frost Free (No-Frost).

For the first characteristic of the so-called "drip wall", drops further down in the tray or removed in a special container on the motor. From the tray, the liquid must periodically, but not often, to pour. On the motor it just evaporates, nothing to pour is not necessary. Refrigerators equipped with such a system, require defrost once every six months.

the System No Frost more expensive. It boils down to the following – the moisture evenly settling in special cooling elements, accumulate in the future comes in a special container, which then evaporates. Agree, it is much easier than in the above-described cooling system, require periodic defrosting and tracking pallet. System No Frost has only one drawback – large size. For her in the fridge, you need a large amount of space.

What refrigerators are the most reliable or compressor

the rule is simple – the greater the volume and the size of the refrigerator, the more we need air compresor, so large they are always more than one. Note that increasing the number of compressors leads to a significant increase in electricity consumption.

Below is a power classes:

  • 1) «And», «», «» — economical;
  • 2) “D” and “G” — large electricity consumption. These refrigerators are not produced. Find them in stores is difficult. This is due to low demand.

Finally, let's call the top ten popular brands.

1. Liebherr – German quality, durability, and, of course, the high price.

2. Bosch – also produced by the German company.

3. Ariston – Italy. This company is one of the largest in Europe.

4. Whirlpool – USA. In this state, the brand has a great demand.

5. Indesit – Italy. Often bought in Russia.

6. Siemens – German company.

7. Nord – the largest producer in Eastern Europe. In recent years seen a decline in demand. Experts attribute this to the deterioration of product quality.

8. Samsung ’ s biggest brand in South Korea. Has a great demand in Russia.

9. Atlant – Russia. Refrigerators of this manufacturer are considered to be quite reliable and are cheaper than foreign analogues.

10. LG – Korean brand. Often the Assembly is made in China. Korean Assembly is much better. When you purchase should pay attention to it.

11. Smeg fridge - Italian.