Where to buy refrigerator, and what. All the pros and cons.


1.Sold-Trading network. In the city there is always, as a rule, three, four commercial networks, each represented by two, three appliance stores electronics – here you have a 6 – 12 point, where you expect. The proposed model range will satisfy your needs in a domestic refrigerator with a vengeance. Prices, discounts, bonuses, gifts – all too present. The location of stores and the range of their services – delivery, installation, warranty, additional warranty from the shopping network, advice on buying, loans – for you have already done and solved all – agree and are satisfied with it.

the pitfalls - of-warranty service. Start technology store all worked out, opened it quickly and quickly begins to make a profit - it's interesting trade network. Another thing is the service. Pay the repair of large appliances is very, very difficult to make a profit, return it to any comparison with the profitability of the store. Warranty repair, and us, in this case he is interested in the first place, just brings the network losses. This seller no longer interested. No one is creating in your town exemplary, cost-effective service covering problems warranty support. To do this, there are other ways. When choosing a refrigerator, it doesn't hurt to know them.

the Way first : in the city there are workshops engaged in the repair of refrigerators, the manufacturer say brand «And» selects from them are more or less firmly grounded, preferably one year, and concludes with her warranty service contract. Typically, this workshop has contracts with the manufacturer and other brands ‘B’, ’” and so on up to tens. As part of this contract workshop no matter where you bought the refrigerator, removes factory defects during the warranty period.

the Manufacturer pays for her work, supply of spare parts for warranty repairs, pay for repair and trade of spare parts, specifies the addresses and contact numbers of the workshop in a warranty card, support technical documentation. This workshop is now an authorized service center. The position of the manufacturer of this: all the profit center receives paid out-of-warranty repairs and the sale of spare parts, warranty repairs shall be paid by the manufacturer to the extent to cover the cost center – and it is in the best case. Accordingly workshop is interested to reduce the number of warranty repairs and translate your fridge is out of warranty Park in pay. When buying a refrigerator do not forget to put a stamp dealer in the warranty card – otherwise your fridge already paid in the Park. (although I cannot imagine how you will succeed with this purchase you will make in the store, and a new refrigerator in the package you will be delivered from a warehouse, it is warranty, at least have receipt in hand, and with this blank card to pay another visit to the store). This situation suits everyone – the seller has not incurred costs, workshop - you have to juggle, but there is a loophole to earn, manufacturer – reduced scrap rate, the cost of the warranty. All costs prepared to pass on to the buyer.

the second Way: It is easier first. Do You have a broken refrigerator you come with the documents in the store, shop on site, sign popular brand here, you will learn the seller at the checkout, greet him. But you can't help. You bought the refrigerator in LLC "Trophy" or PI "DOE" , and they're gone, now sells PI "John", plead not with anyone. Such changes under one roof occur regularly once a year. Famous brand not give up, of course, you do. But the timing of repair offered, say, 90 days, do not want pity, of course. You will go to authorised service centre, there already know that your seller no – this information is clearly being followed. You openly, will offer a paid repair. Sue also not with anyone. By law all liability for warranty obligations shall be borne by the seller, if it was not – manufacturer – try to get him,all equipment import and workshop owes you nothing. When buying a refrigerator do not buy at least a 5 year guarantee.

2 Sold – local dealer with in addition to shops, as a structural unit to a service centre authorized by the manufacturer, here you are more likely to solve their problems. The same trade network look like in the city where is located the Central office with repair facilities. Choose local network.

3 the Ideal seller is a seller with paragraph 2 – with narrow specialization in the cold, in addition to your household refrigerator, it is engaged in the sale and service of air conditioning, commercial refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration equipment, etc. Service there performs the marketing function and determines the equipment supply contracts, wholesale and retail. 90% of the staff directly associated with the refrigeration equipment – education, work experience, future plans . There are all experts repairmen, they are interesting. Information about who is selling and who repairs your city can be found on factory sites, where dealers and service centers in the regions.

How to buy a refrigerator.

people Often ask what the fridge is better? This question is in principle no answer. It is necessary to change the word "better" at something specific - "beautiful"," more", "more economical", "less", "more expensive". On all these points you can answer yourself, just by looking at the fridge in the shop, and receiving advice from the seller. But "reliable" you can give a few tips.

today, the situation is as follows: manufacture of domestic refrigerators , and all other domestic production, simply disappeared, still produce "Biryusa", "Saratov". Disappeared and the "Socialist camp", to prove the advantages was not to whom, against what the producers of Western Europe, and there are now major deliveries to the Russian market, too relaxed. In addition to selling refrigerators in Europe is difficult, in every family there is a great fridge, but not alone. Therefore, to increase the turnover and volume of sales of "reliable" with a greater resource exploitation, refrigerators now do not produce. Resource of the modern refrigerator is now 7 years old. This is the time when the buyer is not mad at the manufacturer that he had broken refrigerator and let come to buy a new one.

How is this done? Reliable refrigeration unit is an Assembly whose component parts - condenser, evaporator, piping copper. Copper is not susceptible to rapid corrosion, also when driving on the copper pipe freon, and the compression oil tolerate copper into the compressor for refrigerator, where it is in the form of a film covers the rubbing parts of the 5hp air compressor, which greatly increases the life of the 5 hp compressor motor. Energy efficient refrigerator European brands, South Korea, China, all aluminum ( in addition, aluminum is cheaper, which reduces production costs, but not the price of the fridge), and it is not a good Soviet aluminum, which have not regretted for a freezerless refrigerator, the pipe is thin-walled and can be broken inadvertently bending more valid. In the end, after 6 - 7 years of operation, in the gas refrigerator go freon leaks, usually in zaparennoj part of the refrigeration Cabinet, the elimination of which is impractical for economic and technical indicators. With this face, regardless of the price of the refrigerator.

the Abundance of automation, and its now a lot in the fridge, too, does not add credibility to the fridge, except for factory defects on the failure of the automation will be affected by voltage drops and incorrect operation.

it Turns out that a reliable refrigerator - a refrigerator with copper unit and a minimum of automation - for example a thermostat, to control the operation of the air compressor kit (in this version was produced refrigerators ZIL, in addition to internal and external Cabinet they were metal with enamel, plastic, yellow and crack over ten years of operation, had not yet been used, now still get to the repair of the ZIL, which for 56 years and more.)

the Copper in the refrigerator can be found in some models with Japan, thin-walled pipe, but still copper. In Minsk produce refrigerators - copper a little, but even less of aluminum, the tube mainly steel - life up to 15 years.