Right choosing an air compressor

Note the horsepower of the compressor (SS). The overall range of horsepower air compressor is between 1.5 and 6.5 SS. Of course, there are compressors with a large value of SS, but they are commonly used in industry and have higher psi. Unlike industrial use, light work does not need a metric horsepower. Small-scale uses won't require as much horsepower as industrial uses.

Although the metric horsepower and is a useful indicator in choosing an air compressor, you should not rely only on him. A more valuable indicator will be CFM, or cubic feet per minute, if specified. For more information about FMC read on.

Try to find a metric cubic feet per minute or CFM. FMC – the unit of measure flow volumes of liquids and gases. Quite simply, isn't it? The problem is that the index CPM varies depending on the indicator psi, that is, the FMC two devices with two different indicators psi does not necessarily can be put together, and that's what you need. Here it all is complicated. Let's try to make everything as simple as possible:

When evaluating compressor, find or ask him a standard measure of the FMC (SCFM). Standard CPM measured 14 PSIA at 20 °C (68° F) with relative humidity of 0% (if you decide not to use the index SCFM, be sure to use the indicators of the FMC, which are bound to the same pressure psi)

When you have all the indicators CCFM those tools that you will use at the same time, fold them together SCFM, and then add another 30%. This will give you the maximum rate used by the FMC, which you will need to complete the work. When choosing an air compressor, you need to approach as close as possible to that number, so as not to waste time with too small apparatus or to lose extra money on too much.

for example, you use the grease (about 4 CFM at 90 psi), Gostomel (about 2 CFM at 90 psi) and sander (about 11 CFM at 90 psi) at approximately the same time. Fold all indicators FMC together to get the maximum required by the FMC in the amount of 17 CFM at 90 psi.

Consider the size and portability. For example, will you be able to turn the compressor and raise it if necessary? Air compressors are small, portable or large and powerful machines. Portability is nice, but if he will stand in one corner of the garage, select a powerful compressor and use him long hose. You must decide the compressor you need to work with gvozdoderom on the roof or for regular pumping of tyres in the garage? Air pump is a very good choise used air compressor.

Consider a power source for the compressor. Will you all the time have access to electricity or not? If your side all the time will be the outlet, it is better to choose the drive system with an electric motor. If not, you will need to start the compressor petrol engine.

Most electric compressors need 120 volt air compressor, while a large analogs – 240 Volts air compressor,. Check this option before you make the purchase.

When using a reciprocating compressor, determine how big should the air compressor tank. If the compressor you need for a short work, for example, to work with gvozdoderom can buy the device with a small tank. If you will work for a long time, the tank of the compressor must be quite large. The sizes of air tanks are usually measured in liters.