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We have become accustomed to embedded dishwashers and washing machines, and now and refrigerators. If the other instruments at least the size of the rigidly defined, then meet "kids" one and a half meters and above. Well, as you can hide the equipment, if the height of the built-in refrigerator 177,5 cm, and the volume 287 liters? We decided to visit the website of Bosch and find the installation instructions for the equipment. Dimensions built-in refrigerators often do not fit into the bottom section of the kitchen, so where to hide Hulk?

dimensions embedded technology

Almost all the equipment in the kitchen is to embed a fixed size. First of all, this height is:

  1. Under top 85 cm
  2. compartment — 81,5 see
  3. Instead of tables — 87 see

dishwashers still there is a family of compact height of 45 and 60 cm Width, built-in refrigerator and depth can be different: begin near 60 cm and down. A lot in nature and models under top height of about 82 cm, but what to do with this case, which is slightly above average height?

Embedded refrigerator Bosch KIL82AF30R

Width and depth built-in refrigerator KIL82AF30R are nothing special. At the base there is such a square I see But the height is 177,5 see you didn't have to choose this model for consideration, but it is very interesting, how sideways it will be built. 

In this unit with energy class A+ and touch nothing special, so just take instructions, which are placed directly on the company's official website. The picture of this manual immediately see the first important remark that something is missing in the technical statement given on the website.

it Turns out that ventilation is the air that goes up along the back wall, and takes the underside of the bottom. That is, under the compartment of the refrigerator should be niche cross-section of not less than 20 square centimeters. Moreover, the wall of hardboard must be absent, because the same vent rises up along the rear face of the housing. The cross-sectional area it is 200 square centimeters. From the statement it follows that the kitchen should stand on his legs, then there is no need to break the basement under the ventilation.

For work, we need a lot of tools, in particular, screwdriver TORX20. It is such a star on the six corners with concave edges. The screwdriver under the cross here apply not guessed. Pencil, ruler, scissors, cm — it goes. But we still need a wrench to 13 and a drill, where the same without her. The cabinets need to Duravit.

Pick just kills its abundance in our opinion not in vain here for illustration, all signed and numbered. There is nothing worse to be than if you place any item in the wrong place when installing a built-in refrigerator of this size. So first navelim door on the side that you want:

  1. This is done with a screwdriver under the internal screw weaken. Then you need to remove the door. The screws do not remove until the end, leaving a gap of 5 mm and then just drag each loop of the slots. Most likely this is done in order not to lose the fixture.
  2. to change the side of the shed door hinges are changing crosswise. That is, the bottom right will be the upper left and upper right – the lower left.
  3. Now remove the fasteners and also not duliniva 5 mm, ugadaem into the holes on the other side.
  4. Door outweighed the same way that he played.

On embedding still no word, read on to the installation instructions to the fridge. It is now proposed to perenosite door freezer:

  1. First, carefully remove the door from its hinges. According to the instructions, with their bare hands.
  2. take out carefully the handle, which is below, and reposition on the opposite end until it clicks into place.
  3. take out the cylindrical element of the loop from the top of the door moved at the opposite end.
  4. Plug-door freezer the other party.

Embedding refrigerator Bosch KIL82AF30R

In the third step we finally propose to begin exploring the niche. Its dimensions correspond to the case of built-in refrigerators – HH see won't hurt to measure the dimensions of the niche. Compartment must be plane-parallel and perpendicular. In other words, the icons in the picture do not dare to call. The instructions are so-so. That is, with all hardware, perhaps you can understand, but these pictures are difficult to understand. Surprisingly for a company that usually puts the excellent documentation. Here is the approximate meaning of operations:

  • hinged main door has side end of the hole. There are building one of the halves of the split parts, which in future will allow the mount to the Cabinet.
  • Hanging screws door closed panels supplied as supplemented by the hole left by the old shed door with the other hand. This is done for aesthetics.
  • On the top face of the housing planted strap with holes, which will be held fastening screws for ceiling furniture cover.
  • On the ends of the door at the top and bottom strengthening details for future fixing decorative panels.
  • power Cord built-in refrigerators bypass outlet, and there hung on the line, but don't stick it in the net.
  • On the bottom face of the housing on the side opposite the hinges, fastened another detail for mounting screws in the floor compartment of furniture.
  • Wardrobe slid inside. When this upper limit from step 3 abuts against the ceiling, and the detail from the previous step – in the floor. Crucified in the first two screws vertically at the ceiling, and the second – screw into the floor and bending depl in half inwards until you hear a click.
  • In the wizard, which we built in loops for built-in refrigerator, tightened by two screws in the wall of the Cabinet.

Hanging decorative panel for built-in refrigerators Bosch KIL82AF30R

the Panel is hung in several ways according to the instructions, but the fact that it is designed for many models. That which is ours, goes under the designation "little and”, by the way, this also applies to those steps that were previously. Measure an inch of the height of the compartment from the bottom face of the floor to a small crack in the curved part, fixed in the upper part of the door built-in refrigerator. When screws on the top should ensure the provision of details on the level of 5 mm from the upper edge of the door. These readings vyderjivaet horizontal line on the panel. So, pendant decorative panels: 

  • Curved item is removed from the door and go hang on a decorative Board by means of two brackets are the numbers 4A and 4C, which put on her immediately to the FIRST click. For positioning will be useful line that we drew earlier. Slits item must lie exactly on the mark.
  • In accordance with this drill drill pad below the depth of the mounting screws. Mounted brackets 4A and 4C together with the item for suspension. And now hammered them gently inside before ANOTHER click. This means that the wizard got up correctly.
  • Hang the panel on the door, adjustable height level or the place closed curved detail special trim strip. Fasten the screws to the Board on the details that we assembled in step 4 of the preceding paragraph. After that, each of them closed until it clicks into place.
  • Under the top angle of the shell built-in refrigerators, opposite the hinges, hammered three wedge kit, enough to hold about the furniture.

In fact, that's all. Embedded refrigerator Bosch KIL82AF30R has remained to plug into an outlet. When all operations are already behind, it does not seem so difficult as when you first look at the wiring diagram, where either forgot, or did not consider it necessary to enumerate some details. Conversely, at least one of them is not useful. Most likely it is for another type of installation, where two doors, but to deal with this is not desirable. Why don't we celebrate the successful completion of installation, built-in refrigerator.