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Over the past year, fridge with freezer FQ60XPE gained strength, becoming one of the most colorful products in the range Smeg appliances. With its unique doors in the French style in color "stainless steel  it is ideal for those who are looking for your interior something more modern than the style of the 50's, but at the same time appreciates the combination of technology and quality – symbiosis, which has become synonymous with the brand Smeg. For this reason, Smeg is pleased to announce the release of new models series FQ60. They will be available in two expressive colors – black and white.

Model the updated version is ideal for simple monochrome cuisine in a contemporary style. The new trend – no more than two shades – has had much influence on the design of a kitchen. And one only has to look at these pictures – it becomes clear why.

the Same capacity, FQ60NPE in black and FQ60BPE in white color made in the same modern aesthetic that FQ60XP, but have an external LCD display, which shows the area ’s a quick freeze” and “quick cooling» and «multizone" option on the child lock.

Refrigerators FQ60 are of high capacity, suitable for any interior. Models have a spacious area for storage of products (80 cm wide), two drawers with area preserve freshness, equipped with LED-backlight and auto defrost. Their freezer with internal ice maker, and quick freezing and protection from the defrost.

in Addition to the variety of functions, these versatile refrigerators have a capacity of 610 litres, and also have a 77 litre ’multizone”, which may perform the functions and refrigeration, and freezer, optimizing the storage area under the user's needs. Finally, the device has a energy efficiency A+, and the noise level 43 dB (a) – largely thanks to eco-friendly freezer, which is virtually silent.

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