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Any modern refrigerator works on the basis of freon loops. Thus the physical state of the refrigerant are changed as follows:

  • Compression.
  • Condensation.
  • Extension.
  • Evaporation.

in order to ensure that these four aggregate States, there are four types of devices within the fridge: (See. also: Why in the refrigerator freezes ice)

  • Compressor.
  • Condenser (capacitor).
  • Capillary tube.
  • Logging.

About the compressor, we think everyone has heard of. The evaporator and the condenser are metal coils inside which circulates the freon in different aggregate States. Here are absorption and heat. The evaporators are located behind the rear wall of the freezer and refrigerator compartment. The same condenser is located behind the refrigerator. There is usually a metal grill-heat sink for improved heat dissipation.

the Temperature in the refrigerator

the Most interesting element — this capillary tube. The product is made of aluminum, steel or copper and has an internal diameter of about 0.5 mm, It provides a relatively low flow of freon through it.

now, the temperature is usually measured not inside the refrigerator, namely on the evaporator. The engineers have calculated all conditions. The temperature in the refrigerator corresponds to a strictly defined value for this parameter on the evaporator. That is the point.

Schema temperature measurement there are different. To date, using special thermal relay. They are mechanical (bellows) and e (where the sensor is a thermistor, thermoresistor or thyristors). Historically, first appeared structure on the basis of the bellows, representing a sealed corrugated containers of cylindrical shape made of metal. The working environment in such thermal relay also serves as freon, which is turning into gas in the area of the evaporator, causing the operation of the device.

the Electronic circuit is much more durable, but require electricity to work. Moreover, 220V from the wall outlet for these purposes will not fit, so you have to refrigerators to get transformers. However, for models with inverter compressors this is not a problem. The name itself suggests that inside there are two steps (and quite complex) conversion of an electric current.

Thus the electronic temperature sensor fridge today looks more appropriate than the antediluvian device on the bellows. And equipment without electricity to work still will not.

How to find out what the temperature in the refrigerator

What's the temperature in the refrigerator? In the older models will have to trust the thermostat and the compressor. We set the preset mode, the technique works for a given program. About can be guided only by the presence of ice in the freezer and drops (tears) on the rear wall of the refrigerating chamber. This means that everything is more or less to plan. Once going the excess water or ice covered the pan, it's time to think about maintenance.

as for modern electronic refrigerators, many of them have special LCD screen next to the regulators, which constantly displays the desired information. It is even said that his dim blue light helps in the dark to achieve the desired stick sausage. At least until the time when turn on the internal light of the refrigerating chamber.

in Addition to flexible regulation are hard-coded and pre-modes. The temperature in the refrigerator Atlant when moving to Storage is strictly fixed. And even modern technology can offer something interesting to the lovers of travel. For example, the Vacation mode. The temperature in the freezer and refrigerator compartment above the nominal working, but below room temperature. Everything is designed to minimize the growth of bacteria.

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