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If there was a smell in the fridge first thing you have to remember that the materials used for the production of refrigerator is aluminum, copper, steel, plastic, glass, rubber. The refrigerant, which filled the refrigeration unit also has no smell. That is, the smell is not a malfunction of the refrigerator, the defects do not smell. Where the smell? The source of the smell – the contents of the refrigerator, i.e., products and microbes whose activities refrigerator slows but does not stop completely. On average in the refrigeration compartment is 11.4 million microbes per square centimeter of the inner surface. For comparison, 1 sq cm floor has 10 thousand microbes on the surface of the Desk - 7 thousand on the keyboard home computer – 500.

How to win smell? We have to deal with products and microbes. It is time to clean the refrigerator.

Remove all food from the refrigerator, remove all shelves, drawers, containers, will be hidden from the eyes of the grooves, rails and other terrain folds, which usually accumulate tiny unidentified food objects. They are the source of unpleasant odors. Thoroughly rinse all surfaces with a mild solution of vinegar, then water solution of baking soda. Need to clean the drain hole to remove condensate from the cooling chamber, supplied to the refrigerator for this purpose the brush did not survive the brush, the fit and the rod from the handle. Then pour in the opening half Cup of hot 60-70C water and see how goes water, if the water is not delayed, then the drain is not clogged, also hot water wash deposits in the drain line. Water enters the tank drain. This is your next field of battle. The tank is located behind the refrigerator above the compressor, which is heated to 90 C. In the vessel is always warm, always wet, always present the remains of food. Perfect little swamp for germs and odors. Qualitatively wash this capacity can only be removed from the refrigerator. For this feat, you may need to Unscrew a couple of screws. In principle, making this procedure regularly, you prevent the main cause of odors, such reasons as prolonged power outage or failure of the refrigerator stand out.

Next. Refrigerator cleaned, but the plastic has absorbed the smell, get rid of it now – the most difficult step.

What means?

the Technical aspect – operate the refrigerator for several days at the lowest possible temperatures, but make sure that the cooling unit can cope with the load when the preset temperature and periodically shutting down, as it should be. Folk remedies. Fight fire with fire, use another pungent smell, which will neutralize trouble.

the Lemon. Slice the lemon, leave in the fridge after a day or change the lemon. Black bread. Just slice brown bread on a saucer and put these plates on the shelf.

Fig. Store cooked rice in an open container in the refrigerator. The baking soda. Put a mug with a solution on the shelf of the fridge, let it stand until you get bored.

Activated charcoal. Chop and at night, leave in the fridge.

Raw cut potatoes in half – on the day.

Peel of citrus – on the day.

Ammonia, wipe the walls of the refrigerating chamber

the achievements of modern – odor absorbers for refrigerator – inexpensive and fairly effective means.

If you follow the above recommendations, your refrigerator will not give you trouble, is always clean and the food will not spoil it ahead of time.

bad advice. And what if you have a broken refrigerator... What to do in this situation? Refrigerator serves not only to cool juices, water, ice cream for a more comfortable vrednye sovety zastavka.jpgиспользования, but in order to extend the shelf life of products. The same milk at + 20 With sours during the day.

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