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Double refrigerators side-by-side

Disadvantages of double refrigerators that need to find than such a machine to load. And if products are not, switch the mode of vacation! They say that the volume average refrigerator side-by-side is from 500 to 800 liters. To a normal device has given such a space, would make the device a height of 2 meters 30 centimeters. It is not surprising that the size of the double refrigerators find its fans among those who have found the money.

due To the large cost of such products includes all the useful options that can:

  1. NoFrost System. The convective cooling type is present in both chambers. Each work its own evaporator and fan. Compressors likely also two as paths of circulation of freon.
  2. As mentioned cooling system is famous not merely the absence of condensation in the camera, but the shock drying products, refrigerators side-by-side often equipped with optional humidity control. It is necessary, especially in areas of freshness.
  3. In the frame often have the ice machine and handy compartments to accommodate different drinks. Special shelf for bottles also usually present in refrigerators side-by-side.
  4. Exterior design double refrigerators simply gorgeous. This juicy color, precise forms and contours, as well as balanced amounts.

Refrigerator side-by-side LG GW – B207

This is a wonderful specimen refrigerators side-by-side. Clear smooth metal casing with straight smooth corners matte gleaming under the light of the room lamp. There are several colors, but the gray is particularly eye-catching, reminding a clean steel. Rough paint the side surfaces caused by dry deposition, is not only a good insulator of electricity in the event of various excesses, but also scratch resistant. Note that the back wall is completely covered with a metal shield, so the radiator condenser is not visible to the eye. Dust will not penetrate and will not settle on the coil, reducing the operating modes of the refrigerator. How gets inside the air? We assume that there is a system of forced ventilation, and the inputs and outputs are covered with special air filters. 

Left freezer slightly narrower than the right refrigeration, volume is, accordingly, 175 and 353 liters (527). The NoFrost system prevails in both compartments and freezer also features fast freeze. This allows you to instantly translate deposited mount products. Forced convection from multiple air streams (Multi Air Flow uniformly cool the entire volume, so the temperature field inside constantly. To avoid drying products in the Bay Area fresh, plastic boxes are equipped with special microscopic grooves that keep the moisture in. This allows you to keep this place the best microclimate.

the Shelves of tempered glass can easily change their position when the user of such a need and withstand the serious load. Egg trays is moved to the desired location, and it is very convenient. And in the freezer there are molds for ice. Positively on the safety of products are affected:

  • antibacterial sealant around the perimeter of the doors;
  • special coating of silver inner walls of both chambers.

Refrigerator side-by-side provided with a panel LEDs and mechanical buttons, which include the protection of children. Enough to hold it for 3 seconds to lock the control completely. The only danger is that the kid can see through the trick. The refrigerator compressor works surprisingly quiet, I can't believe that he is there only one. The model has a class consumption a+, it's just on the level of what today makes sense to buy.

With a height of 190 cm this refrigerator side-by-side looks a real giant.