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the Compressor of the refrigerator was lying in the garage for over 3 years and honestly thought that to work it will not. But after testing was surprised how quiet it runs. Starter was stuck right on the compressor, so that the network connection had no problems. Left to get

  • fire extinguisher (receiver)
  • pressure Switch (for automatic switch-on when the pressure drops, and off when maximum pressure)
  • Filter water separator (preferably 2 pieces) + air filter on the air inlet to the compressor (petrol)
  • pressure Regulator with manometer (pressure adjustment output)
  • pressure Gauge (pressure control in the receiver (fire extinguisher)
  • Fitting (adapter 1/4, 1/2, tees, etc. all not significant detail, which is not difficult to find in any market)

What difficulties arose

When changing the oil in the compressor (always recommended ~350g.) when sawed off aspic hole (it is always sealed)

Forgot where it is. In the compressor always 3 units (air intake, air outlet and the Gulf oil). If you find the air outlet is not difficult, Gulf oil, at first, confused. When searching for this information on the Internet from various sources people clarifies that pour oil to any tube on the compressor in addition to the air outlet, which I did for 2 months no problems, everything works. The oil used synthetics ESSO 5-50. Write that fill polysynthetic 10-40 and compressor, but money is not wanted and poured what was in the garage until the problems are not.

When the connections are faced with the problem of the connection. Fire extinguishers use different thread sizes similar to plumbing, all major cone, spun under normal santehnika, but to use more Teflon tape. By the way I had to use the regular output of the fire extinguisher because the thread that is used on my model some huge and adapter not found. Had to mute one output of the conventional screw, which was funneling after cutting threads formed in the hole after removing the mechanism of opening fire extinguisher.

Still the question arose as to connect the output of the compressor to the fire extinguisher (receiver). People usually cut the thread in the body of the extinguisher, but as it is cut if it is not cast as before, and he welded and the sheets are too thin to thread, have a too small thickness. Solved this problem with an ordinary soldering iron, thin wall easily solder flux. Drilled resp. D. 10mm, cleaned this place up metal, saludy, insert the pre-stripped and honored tube (used in faucets for the sink (water) or air conditioning) and all were soldered, on the other hand conventional collet clamp is 3 pennies in any market.

This connection has withstood the pressure of 6 atmospheres, next to try did not, because the limit relay pressure put 5.5 atmospheres, enabling 2.8 atmospheres (adjustment to switch the pressure switch is simple: two screws put some level of mid-range work such as the desired range as I have, then the middle of that range somewhere in 4.2 of the atmosphere, and the second adjustable range on/off, i.e. it can be extended, for example, do not like me, and make for example from 2 to 6 atmospheres or narrow from 3 to 4 atmospheres.

Filter / water separator should be placed necessarily vertically because he has a place to drain the moisture.

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