The Installation of a new compressor

Main Articles The Installation of a new compressor

- fix the new compressor on traverse refrigerator Cabinet

- remove the plug from the outlet of the compressor to produce the depressurization of the compressor is not

earlier than 5 minutes before soldering. When removing the plugs to check the air pressure in the compressor. Checked the noise coming out of air when removing the plugs.

- connect the pipes to the compressor discharge, suction tube, gas tube – length 60 mm, diameter 6 mm

- make the solder joints in the sequence of filling, suction, discharge tube. It is prohibited to direct the flame of the burner inside the pipe of the compressor. In the compressor for the suspension and the suction muffler, near the operating pipe, applied plastics , hit the flames on the plastic will lead to malfunction of compressor – increased noise at start-up and operation.

- remove the cap from the filter-drier, filter capacitor and insert the capillary tube

- make the solder seam filter

- put the valve coupling to the filling tube.

to inspect solder joints on all sides using a mirror, the seams should be smooth and have dry joints unacceptable. When soldering joint copper-copper, copper-phosphorous alloys prepared joint is placed between the burner and the screen is heated to 600°C ( dark cherry color copper). The pre-heated solder dip in the flux is melted by pressing rod to the heated joint.

At the soldering joints of copper-steel and steel-steel used silver solder . Heating is to a temperature of 900°C (light red copper). When soldering to ensure that the solder formed on the joint evenly on all sides. Immediately after hardening of the joints should be wiped them with a cloth dampened with water to remove residual flux.

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