The charging of the refrigeration unit

Main Articles The charging of the refrigeration unit

- do not fill the freon R134a refrigeration unit working to repair on R12 or R-600. When installing the compressor (R134a or R12) in the refrigeration unit designed for R134a, Pets refrigeration unit to fill the mixed refrigerant R406а, SM, Pets on refrigeration unit worked on R12, set the compressor for R12, R134a and season with mixed refrigerant.

- connect to a coupling vacuum gas station to produce primary pump down refrigeration unit to a residual pressure of 64 PA.

the Vacuum system — the process of creating a system pressure below atmospheric. The main purpose is the destruction of the system of moisture. It happens this way. When lowering the pressure lowers the boiling point of water. Moisture in the system to evaporate at ambient temperature and is sucked by the vacuum pump. In the presence of moisture in the system, the freon at high temperatures interacts with water and forms an acid that corrodes the nodes of the system. Water freezes in very small sections in the capillary. - set on a compressor protective relays, perform switching wiring to include refrigeration unit, fill the unit with freon – 40% of normal refueling, the freon to fill in the liquid phase, time – 5 minutes. - check the seams leak detector leak, check the pipe on the high pressure side – the compressor-condenser-filter-capillary - off refrigeration unit - test leak detector joints for tightness, check the piping on the low side – compressor – suction tube - evaporator to produce a second pump down refrigeration unit to a residual pressure of 10 PA, lasting at least 20 minutes - turn on the refrigeration unit to produce the refill freon, after filling the loop of the refrigeration unit, to break in the refrigerator, if necessary, adjust the dose of halon -- pinch the filling tube, remove the clutch, solder tube

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