The removal of faulty compressor

Main Articles The removal of faulty compressor

- to establish the cause of faulty compressor faulty compressor, freon leakage, clogging of the capillary tube, the defects of the system defrost)

- the file to incise the filling tube and break off her

- notched capillary tube at a distance of 20-30 mm from the filter drier and break off her

- the cutter to cut off the discharge and suction tube at a distance of 10-20 mm from the weld compressor-tube

- the cutter to cut the filter-drier at a distance of 10 - 15 mm , the seam filter capacitor and remove it

- to dismantle protective relay with the motor - compressor

- remove mounting the compressor to traverse the refrigeration Cabinet

- remove the compressor head plate

- clean the pipe solder a new compressor


The Installation of a new compressor

The charging of the refrigeration unit