What kind of refrigerator you choose?

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Dimensions of the refrigerator

the First thing to take into account – this is the route in which the refrigerator will go into the kitchen. Ponerte all doorways, through which you will have to carry the fridge. Otherwise happen embarrassing - your fridge will get stuck in the apartment somewhere halfway to the kitchen.

Look at your kitchen, the furniture that's already there. For the kitchen area of about 6 square meters are well suited compact refrigerators width 50-60cm depth 60cm. Also, please note, are whether at the place of installation of the pipe. If Yes, then it is better to take the fridge with depth 50cm – the pipe will "eat" space and the refrigerator will stand out from slender kitchen sections.

Compact refrigerators are ideal for summer residences and small offices, i.e. where you want to store a lot of products.

If you have a spacious kitchen, compact refrigerators can be put aside. Note the "Asian, "European" and "American" model. They have higher, wider and deeper.

High "European" refrigerator (from 175 to 200 cm) would be appropriate if all family members are tall or have curious children, from which you want to hide, such as cakes. It is better to look for models that will be comfortable for all members of your family. And for people of average height for Asian models, height 165-170cm.

Apart in the row are massive refrigerators "American" Side-by-Side, height of 180cm and a width of up to one meter, with two doors. Ideal for large kitchens. Space for fridge

Refrigerators are also divided on the principle of accommodation – embedded and freestanding.

Embedded models don't have an external enclosure and mounted in kitchen furniture. Freestanding refrigerators have an external enclosure. To put them in any convenient place in the kitchen. Built-in refrigerators

Advantages of built in refrigerators:


  • small size;
  • allows you to save valuable kitchen space;
  • panel that cover built-in refrigerators, provide additional heat and sound insulation;
  • refrigerators built-in type are not tied to design interior

free-standing refrigerator

the Main advantage – can be supplied in any convenient place in the kitchen. If you decide to buy new furniture and rearrange old, the fridge is better than embedded.

Tips on how to store food in the refrigerator. If you wrap the basis of bunches of bananas with cling film, then they will be stored for 3-5 days longer. If you store onions in a stocking, it will remain fresh for up to eight months. The cheese will dry if fresh slice spread with butter. Potatoes will not germinate if it is stored alternately with apples. Mushrooms are best stored in a paper bag, not plastic. Lettuce longer stay crispy if it is wrapped in foil.

Camera refrigerator

Cameras there can be one, two, three, and even four. What camera and what they need – see below.

single-chamber refrigerator

If you want to buy single-chamber refrigerator, you know, he can be as a freezer, so without it. Often in this unit only conventional refrigerating chamber.

single-Chamber refrigerators compact: height 160 cm, width 50 cm Depth of not more than 60 cm Due to this, they can set the kettle, juicer or a small TV.

the Main drawback is the small amount. They are not spacious, not suitable for a family of more than two people, and those who setreverse hypermarket every two weeks. Moreover, they should often be thawed in a month and a half freezer accumulates a layer of ice.

At the same time on the market and high single-chamber models. To them it is worth a look if you have separately-standing freezer. In this case, the refrigerator is larger than the amount under the products are not long-term storage.


double-door refrigerators are the most popular. They have two separate chambers: freezer and refrigerator with separate doors. Freezer is smaller than refrigeration. If it is located in the upper part, is divided into several sections with one or two shelves. At the lower location has several drawers.

Refrigerator Side-by-Side

uploadЭлита household refrigerators - class model Side-by-Side, sometimes equipped with many additional bells and whistles - wine rack, water dispenser, shaker, ice maker. Looks like a two-door hinged wardrobe. The freezer is located on either the left or right side. Side-by-Side good for a large family.

the camera is supported by temperature 0°C and a relative humidity of 50%. In such conditions, the products retain the freshness, vitamins and taste 2-3 times longer than in cold.

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