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we Have a new trend: identify the world's sales leaders. Read reviews so useless, how they were tailored to one or the other manufacturer of refrigerators. How to understand, right? Not always analytical data stores of refrigerators makes it possible to distinguish white from black, and the real numbers are often sold in the form of almanacs in this year with predictions for exorbitant price, which we can not afford. Simple guys should be able to quickly find the answer to the question of the basic methods. If the solution to the dilemma, what refrigerator is best to choose, you will have to pay 40,000 rubles, it is better to buy Bosch KIN86AF30 and not long to suffer. The German company does not suffer marriage but what we have today like buyers?

market Analysis refrigerators for 2014

Yandex-market considers to be the most popular these brands of appliances:

  • Bosch;
  • LG;
  • Samsung;
  • Indesit;
  • BEKO
  • Hotpoint-Ariston;
  • Shivaki;
  • Liebherr;
  • Electrolux;
  • Gorenje;
  • Atlant.

We did not mention Siemens, which is a subsidiary of Bosch, could a similar reason to hush up and Ariston, but not everyone knows that it is part of the Ibdesit. But what lies behind these names. Let's look at the top three sales in M-Video:

  1. LG.
  2. Hotpoint-Ariston.
  3. Samsung.

to be Honest, we have no surprised have not experienced. Where has the LG will surely be and Samsung, plus added a European concern. 10 year warranty on inverter motors gives the company ranked third. Samsung usually so good conditions of service, and for refrigerators and very chic. We heard that the South Korean firm had agreed among themselves only in the segment of TVs. In other areas between them still exists tough competition. 

But it is difficult to say that the best refrigerator – LG, is also impossible. The difference between the Trinity in percent of sales is so small that at the discretion of the buyer, we reserve the choice among them. Ozon, and in General leads today cooler 580 rubles, which everywhere you can take it on the road. The product Yiwu Gao Qi Bag Factory works on the principle of a thermos. Any electric battery is not provided. When the volume of 26 liters is a great choice for ice cream vendors and fishermen who have carbon dioxide fire extinguisher for lowering the temperature (one refill costs about 200 rubles). In many cases, this design will give 100 points handicap adsorption refrigerator that runs from the gas tank: safe and nothing to break. And much cheaper.

Thus, in the opinion of the consumer, the best refrigerator – it's a freezer bag Yiwu. Statistics will not argue. If she is going correctly!

What it is today popular among buyers

For 2013 forward broke the NoFrost technology, which now comprises about half of total sales in units for Russia. As for the models of French Door, which are popular abroad, the leaders flaunt LG, General Electric, Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Electrolux. This approach seems slightly Americanized, but in General the world leaders here, too, we see. These refrigerators are different from Side-by-Side with more than two door. In General it is also larger models, where often there is the ice machine.

Among refrigerators with top freezers lead Kenmore cost 30,000 rubles and above. This brand is very popular in America. Itself the company calls the most famous brand with over a century of history. Although Kenmore, is a city in Canada, we are talking about company home appliances, and refrigerators including from the United States. That's why all the reviews put it in the first place. We also say about these refrigerators few words, at least because of the world famous American technology products.

  1. In the first place is 78002 at a price of 50,000 rubles. For America it is not so hot how expensive, however, and not the lower segment. The model is remarkable characteristics. Led scale adjustment temperature admire its simplicity and clarity. Of course, inside the system NoFrost, and you can immediately see how the designers tried the laying of the cooling channels. On the Russian market, the company is not presented, however, you can get the goods on e-bay. The question turns on the delivery price of the refrigerator. In justification say that small gadgets, like the iPad already ordered overseas, because the domestic dealers are trying to cheat. For an American this is not usual. Not all of the models are refrigerators Kenmore top like this. There are brands (72122), which are much cheaper (at the level of 4000 rubles).
  2. Second place got the model 79432, which is even more expensive. Refrigerator with solid shelves made from glass, ice maker and internal water dispenser. Has built-in replaceable water filter. Area of freshness equipped with adjustable tray for regulating humidity. I admire the control panel located on the back wall under the ceiling of the refrigerating chamber: all the same led scale for temperature control. By all indications this model type cooling NoFrost, freezer, it's obvious. Much more the case with bottom freezer. There output channel is masked so that it is even not visible in the photo. Striking that all of the fridge focused inside, not even attempt to diversify simple exterior design.

On the third place there is a Kenmore 78822, which we do not even dare to consider. To get such a thing in Russia is complicated. The impression that this technique it feels at home. Which firm is the best refrigerator in America, we now know.

as for the bottom of the camera positions, then the disposition is fundamentally different. Of course, the first place here, too, the American brand Amana ABB2224WES, but he shares it with Whirlpool GB2FHDXWS. It's not that the second mark is not from the USA. She was still there, but it can at least be found in the domestic Yandex-market. You can not say about what we do here painted previously. There are even national surveys mentioned about the fridge. And this nonsense! And now look at world brands of refrigerators, which are still considered popular in America.

Global brands popular in the U.S.

Among refrigerators with top-mounted freezer is South Korea's LG LTN16385PL. At the price of 25,000 rubles't call it cheap, but it is not the top segment explicitly. The Americans immediately to the disadvantages referred the blue backlight on the diodes, which is located on the back wall. If you fill compartment of the refrigerator the food, then it will not be visible behind the mountain of various eatables.
the Funny thing is that the product is clearly made for America and not exposed on the Russian site. So he took sixth place in the overall ranking. Again the NoFrost system Multi Air Flow, again the tray with humidity control, again the temperature scale on the LEDs.

Manufacturer of refrigerators has clearly studied the habits of Americans and gives the audience what it wants to receive:

  • simple design without controls outside;
  • high handles;
  • spacious white compartments of the refrigerator.

except that the backlight has paid off. The best brands of refrigerators in America, only those made by local rules.

Among the models with the lower camera position has the same brand of refrigerator LG. We believe that it was put here by mistake, but it looks funny. As if the fridge was so pleased that he was placed in the ratings twice. Below is the Area of freshness, where you can store vegetables and fruits, everything looks pretty. But we need to know what brand of refrigerator is better in this segment, in addition to American. And this is China! The company Haier for several years has a share of global sales of about 8%. This is the best indicator among all brands of small household appliances.

the Refrigerator Haier HBQ18JADRS took ninth place in the ranking, but if you remove the error got there LG, you get a eighth place. Let's not mention that the style is completely American, that we have already described above.