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In recent times the popularity of the refrigerant R600a isobutane. It is cheap to manufacture and has good technical indicators, however, explosive and leakage can cause asphyxia. It has a choking effect. But progress does not stand still, and today the amount of gas needed for the proper functioning of the fridge, dropped ten times in comparison with the structures of the first half of the last century. It is possible to reduce the concentration so that even when the instantaneous leakage of R600a refrigerator in full explosion will not occur. This is true for areas 20 cubic metres or more. Why we started talking about the freon? If the answer to the question, why is flowing refrigerator, seasoned repairmen usually use the term depressurization. Disrupted the integrity of the path of circulation of the refrigerant and, therefore, undermined the very foundations of the functioning of the equipment.

Refrigerators and freon

Causes leaking refrigerators often revolve around two factors: disorders of the drainage system and problems in the refrigerant circuit. The reason may also be in a failed thermostat. To these words became something closer to the hearing, let us consider the principles of equipment operation.

Compressor refrigerators

the Ejector refrigerators, household did not find their application, so let's get right to the compressor, which, as the reader has already guessed, and are the dominant family in the homes of ordinary people. Movement freon must compressors, which for a long and trouble-free operation are made of mineral oil. The refrigerant passes four phases:

  1. Evaporation.
  2. Compression.
  3. Condensation.
  4. Extension.

Each stage is done on your device, together forming a compressor fridge. In the evaporator, usually located behind the rear wall of the camera, the refrigerant turns into a gas, absorbing huge amounts of energy. Due to this cooling air in the refrigerator. Then the stream fond of the compressor. Compression is engaged fans. The compressor motor spins the blades at high speed, due to which the temperature of the refrigerant rises.

On the back of the fridge there is another coil where the steam gives up its heat to the kitchen air, due to it turning into a liquid. The final stage — expansion.

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