the Main ways to correct the defect „the moisture in the system a few. Let us briefly examine them.

Main Articles the Main ways to correct the defect „the moisture in the system a few. Let us briefly examine them.

1. The vacuum. For truly it is not necessary to describe all the pleasures of working in this way. Moreover, the „evacuation and subsequent breakdown of a vacuum to remove moisture» рекомендованоvakuum.jpg all „Manuals on repair of household refrigerators”, with which the author is familiar. But it is important that the time of evacuation was maximum (even powerful vacuum pump must work more than 15 minutes). The thing is that in the area of low pressure vacuum comes in a few minutes, but from the cavity of the condenser outlet for gases only one — through CT. Imagine her inner diameter — 0,55…0.8 mm, and a length of from 2.5 to 11 meters. Many gases can skip this line even with the pressure drop in –1 bar? On the other side of the condenser line is closed by two valves of the compressor, and often manages its task well. So no options — it is in the condenser accumulation of non-condensable gases (including air) creates the most problems for the circulation of refrigerant.

2. The use of alcohol. A very effective way, but not applicable to evaporators of aluminum. The presence of alcohol in the system in excess of 1 cm3, causes enhanced internal corrosion of aluminium during the year, and, therefore, makes it difficult for the efficiency of the evaporator without its replacement in the future. Note, if the evaporator is sealed up air-tight pencil type La-Ko", introduction of alcohol inevitably leads to destruction of the joint.

Often the alcohol helps „rinse» pipelines, but in systems with long periods of operation, it contributes to the accelerated clogging already working filter, if the latter has not been changed.

In recent years actively offered alternative — „liquid desiccant» but the author of it did not apply because there was no urgent need.

3. Multiple filter replacement. The method is reliable, but very expensive and time-consuming. And installation in a domestic system recommended by the plants filter with 1 kg of silica gel for 12 or more hours generally difficult and requires a significant investment. Import filters increased capacity is all good, but at the high cost of the filter is not very pleasant and the customer and the contractor.

4. Refill the refrigerant. Noticed that if you change the filter, fill the unit with refrigerant under pressure slightly above atmospheric, to isolate the system from the external environment in any way and a few days not to touch wetland system, when the subsequent refill moisture almost does not show. But not because I want to stretch indefinitely repair time, not always the customer has the opportunity to wait. 5. Blowing private parts with compressed dry nitrogen or freon. It is not always convenient and applicable, is extremely expensive and cumbersome, in addition, a large number of newly soldered joints reduces the reliability of the repair — not all, but still. And yet — this is a good method, but this method generally requires only stationary repairs as the need arises numerous and not environmentally friendly operations. In systems with the contours of the heating of the doorway the use of galvanized steel tube hampers the numerous Assembly and disassembly operations with it — she cannot tolerate the warm and curves.

there May be other ways, but, most likely, are variants of the above, but in different combinations.

the author of the technology for removing moisture from the system is as follows. After changing the standard 15-gram filter and the required preparatory work, run the compressor to see what kind of pressure he gives when zero pressure system after Assembly. The intake of atmospheric air into the system are excluded. Normal vacuum corresponds to –0,4…–0,6 bar. This is the simplest, but quite accurate quality motor-compressor. Then hold vacuum for at least 15 minutes. Next include the compressor BHP, and provide a refrigerating unit to work under vacuum for several minutes.

it is Known that during operation of the compressor oil is sucked by the pump from the sump, passes through compressor parts for cooling and sprayed jet on the wall of the casing. The oil then flows in a thin layer in the pan and the process is repeated around the circle. At this time there is an active separation of residual gases and contaminants (including moisture) out of the thick oil in the sump due to the heating, mixing and movement. When heating the casing and the compressor is improved, the process of separating moisture from the oil, including by reducing the viscosity of the lubricant. But rising evaporation is not able to circulate through the unit, because the number of available gases are negligible.

you can see It if you open the top of the casing of the motor-compressor and turn it on in the network. Then you can clearly see how thin stream of oil gushes from the compressor to the wall of the casing and flows down .

this is Done to improve the cooling of the heated oil after passing through the lubricating lines of compressor. And if to take into account that the oil flows down the walls of a thin film (giving heat to the housing), it will become clear that there is still present and mixing within the layer and increasing the area of contact with the film of oil relative to the internal cavity of the casing.

Still need to consider that when the compressor is operating existing drip moisture in the thickness of the oil is broken in sliding parts in the compressor into smaller fractions, and mixed to obtain water-in-oil emulsion than facilitated the process of evaporation „film  moisture in the vacuum.

Another plus — after compressor operation BHP in the condenser appears a slight excess pressure, which increases the difference between the low and high sides of the unit. This should facilitate a more rapid removal of gases from the system vacuum pump.

To improve the process of evaporation of condensed moisture (for example, if you were to puncture the evaporator), preferably the inner Cabinet BHP to warm up in any way (hair dryer, burner, installing in a Cabinet closed utensils with hot water) at least 30…40°C. After warming Cabinet close to store high temperature. High temperature gases inside the evaporator promotes „absorbed” their moisture. But the temperature better control and not allow her to rise above +60°C in the upper part of the Cabinet. At +70°With plastic becomes soft, and already at 80°material: plastic Cabinet can „leak" with irreversible consequences.

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