Performance compressors for painting the car

If you had to make a choice, what right compressor for painting the car, we recommend you to rely on indicators of capacity and performance. Units with up to a pressure of 8 atmospheres are used to paint on some parts of the body – from 5 square cm, before painting one side (hood, door, roof or the side).

If the performance is in the range 250 – 330 l / min, the pumping device can be used in large-scale works (but not in a holistic cycle).

When the capacity of more than 330 l / min device recommended for application layer in the full cycle of a lump sum for the entire body. How to choose a compressor for painting cars

the Answer to the question “How to choose the right compressor for painting the car?” is that the apparatus must be versatile in all conditions. Outdoors, indoors, in summer and winter, rain and drought, the unit should function fully.

he Recharged from any source: cigarette lighter – to the transformer station. You need to use it was as wide – from pumping Bicycle wheels before painting van refrigerator in one pass. Pressure and output capacity – leading indicators that you should look for when choosing a compressor. The optimal settings will be 10 atmospheres and 250 l\minutes

oil-Free piston devices

Features oil-free piston compressors Units operating without oil, are more resistant to low temperatures than oil equivalents. But the wear is higher than the oil piston devices, due to high friction in the piston block.

When choosing a compressor for painting cars do not follow the price – the cost of devices that work with oil and without it is approximately equal.

But the quality of the work “dried” compressors significantly behind their "blurry» fellow.