lg french door refrigerator

Many people prefer refrigerators with "French door" all other designs. This refrigerator with large capacity and popular modern design. Compared with other models of refrigerators design with "French door" is new. The first lg french door refrigerator appeared on the market in the late 1990s, 30 years later, the first refrigerator with bottom freezer and more than 40 years later than refrigerators side by side. Given the speed with which many companies are developing new models, refrigerators with "French door" become a worthy rival their predecessors. The main characterestic "French door" is tree doors. It's lg bottom freezer refrigerator.

What is a refrigerator with a "French door"?

Company makes a lot of right lg appliance. Refrigerators "French door" is a bit unique in layout. Upper division – a refrigerating compartment, and the lower part – freezer. The refrigerator compartment is closed by two long, narrow doors, meeting in the middle. Freezer is usually made in the form of boxes, it is a good design decision. This design allows the owner of the fridge to get quick access to products, and the fact that the freezer is on the bottom, helps to prevent falling hard frozen products from the top. This is a dramatic improvement over the traditional models with top freezer.

Refrigerators "French door" very similar to refrigerators side by side, but there are key differences. In refrigerators side by side not bottom freezers, them in the freezer is left behind a narrow door and the refrigerator compartment is on the right side. The functionality of lg fridge with French door. 

Like other refrigerators, refrigerators with "French door" equipped with many convenient features. Even the design itself can be considered a positive feature. Some manufacturers include a complete set of refrigerator adjustable dividers for the freezer so that the owners can locate the products as it's convenient for them. Refrigerators with "French door" marked with Energy Star. Many models have additional features, for example, ice makers with dispensers, water dispensers, containers for fruits and vegetables, adjustable shelves.

Many people ask "who makes lg refrigerators?". It's don't know anybody.