How to choose a good mini fridge freezer?

Most people before departure to the country properly purchased a variety of products that will take away from the city. This is quite reasonable. First, most of the products in city shops are more expensive than in rural areas. And secondly – the city's shops provide significantly more wide range. Therefore, mini refrigerator with freezer will not be superfluous in the country. Moreover, if you manage to buy a good model produced large and well known company, such as a COOLFORT. But all the same it is necessary to understand, for what a mini fridges with freezer, as well as how to select the most appropriate model.

Why should you make such a purchase?

Indeed, many people seriously wonder why a mini fridge with a freezer. Actually it is quite simple. To do at the cottage without refrigerator difficult – products in the summer heat quickly deteriorate and become not only inedible, but really poisonous. Well, to buy a real, full refrigerator, to give not only expensive, but lightly. Because you can carry it every year to the country and giving not too comfortable – have to spend a lot of effort, and not every car it will fit. Leave it for the winter not in the guarded cottage is dangerous – can be stolen. Well, mini fridge freezer will fit easily in the car weighs a bit, allowing you to carry it with you without any extra effort and time.

How to choose a mini fridge?

Choosing a mini refrigerator with freezer, first of all pay attention to its external dimensions and capacity. He should not occupy too much space, how to install and transport. But it must be enough food for you to have at hand everything you need to prepare a delicious Breakfast, lunch and dinner. What about mini fridge compressor ? What kind? For rules in mini fredge use 12 volt mini air compressor.