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Often confused with refrigerators layout Side-by-Side. Most now actively promote the East Asian producers, creating already a pretty decent lineup since the early 2000s, when this technique appeared on the market of refrigeration equipment.

Why the French doors? Because refrigerators with such a layout very similar to the typical for its time and very popular in France cabinets with ice. Which, incidentally, was called the French word refrigerator, then inherited and those electrical devices that we are using now.

Intermediate option

For modern French "cabinets" characteristic typical of most conventional refrigerators, the location of the refrigeration compartment above the freezer, which is their fundamental difference from the American Side-by-Side, in which the refrigeration and freezer compartments are oriented vertically and are located side by side along the entire height of the unit.

Main features form factor French Door enclosed in dimensions, doors, and this was reflected in the system's name.

These refrigerators are similar to standard devices on the depth and location of the evaporator (Side-by-Side 5 cm or more "thicker", and evaporators put them under the bottom and not on the back wall, as most other stand-alone devices). But here in width they occupy an intermediate position between 50-60 cm, common to classical estate, and 90 cm and more peculiar "Americans". Typical French Door 70-80 cm in width. Seemingly small change: what can give extra or lost 10-20 cm? It turns out that the difference is significant.

At the same depth and height of the French Door have a useful volume substantially greater than the largest combined with their 300-350 l, and at the same time, much smaller than even a relatively small Side-by-Side, to which 500 l - norm. This lot 150-liter gap between two specified values ’French door” and laid, usually having a capacity of 400 litres or so. Then there are those families who have small normal combo, but big and too expensive refrigerators Side-by-Side, it can be satisfied with this intermediate option.

LG LMX28987ST - "French" with "American  service

As already stated above, French Door generally often confused with Side-by-Side. And not only because of the novelty of the form factor, impressive size and swing of doors. Like most "Americans", they often have an ice machine and water dispenser that is not particularly characteristic of conventional refrigerators.

However, as you can see, it is quite original form with its own unique charm.

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