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This letter from our regular user.

I bought a refrigerator chamber, installed correctly, the screws loosened up, now the only sound is the compressor. The sound in the normal - sleep does not interfere, but the room is heard when he was there in the kitchen turns on and works.
As if to make it quieter?

I in my computer all the fans capital half voltage and remarkably quiet became, by the same principle to make a quieter compressor?

Just to reduce the voltage latrom - online afraid of that refrigerator right away you will burn for him low voltage no worse.. I Think maybe it is only dangerous for relay refrigerator, not for the engine? - I read that at low voltages only brush motor wear out faster, but nothing burns.

it works for Me will not work for 10 years, and 5 years is fine. I quite half of the capacity of the refrigerator controller is half the scale, that is, let the refrigerator will be twice more efficient than = is enough for me, the main thing will be quieter.

has Anyone done similar? Did quieter than a refrigerator?
it is Interesting to consider your ways.
Well, or just tell me how would I Lattre connect well or otherwise the voltage at the compressor to reduce what would be cooler is not burned..
even guarantee you do not mind. Tell us.


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