TOP 4 latest technology the largest manufacturers of refrigerators

Main News TOP 4 latest technology the largest manufacturers of refrigerators

System No-Frost (Frost Free)

In many models of fridge freezer you need some time to defrost manually. in refrigerators with new technology No-frost defrosting the freezer now it is not necessary, which saves your time. the use of refrigerator technology No-frost is very convenient, since the defrosting freezers happens automatically, and this technology ensures that the frozen products will no longer stick to the walls of the freezer and to each other.

Kaiser. Ecology

Caring about the environment is a priority in refrigerators Kaiser. This secure connection, as R 134 A is used as a working agent refrigeration units. The basis of thermal insulation of refrigerating chambers in such models lies polyurethane foam, which is also neutral for the environment. It foams ecologically pure N-pentane. It should be noted that the refrigerant and the most modern production technology contain no dangerous for the environment products.

anti-bacterial coverage

Manufacturer Samsung in their models of refrigerators use antibacterial coating the inner surface. The Silver Nano coating contains silver ions that provide antibacterial and antimicrobial effect in the refrigerator. Due to this effect, destroyed 99.9% of bacteria. This helps to increase the shelf life of products and provides fresh air inside the fridge.


To freeze products remained best, in models of refrigerators apply new technology "Supersaturate". Quality food storage and preservation of taste and vitamin qualities depends on how properly frozen foods in the freezer". "Supersaturate provides lowering the temperature of the freezer that reaches -36 degrees. The products retain the juice and taste, the result is a faster freezing.

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