The LG refrigerator with unique Door-in-Door

Main News The LG refrigerator with unique Door-in-Door

to understand what is the difference of the refrigerator Door-in-Door™ from others, you must learn about all its features. The first usability novelties — this button Easy Open (Easy Opening. During the test procedure opening was made deliberately more than 100,000 times, and not had a single problem. The door is very secure and safe.

the world's first refrigerator with the design of the double doors and it meets international standards. In the design of the participation of well-known industrial designer Karim Rashid, allowing the highest level of style that noted professionals: model GR-M2377AS was awarded the Red Dot Design Award, the R-U913VBRD was the winner of the 2012 exhibition KAID Pin Up Design Award, and the models LSFD2591ST and LFX31945STA were finalists exhibition IDEA.

Innovative solution ’Door to door  helps to organize the storage of food in the refrigerator. Additional door, discreetly integrated in the main, offer a simple click and demonstrates a roomy mini compartment.

the Study LG showed that in most homes the refrigerator is opened 80 times a day, often family members are looking for there each time a few specific products. Features refrigerator with mini-bar Door-in-Door™ enables them to be without the need of opening the main door.

also Relevant to the issue of saving energy. Experts Intertek conducted an independent study in which measurements were taken leakage of cold air when you open the fridge Door-in-Door™. By reducing the loss of cold air, refrigerator saves energy up to 46.5 per cent.