The LG refrigerators help to preserve the freshness and usefulness of products

Main News The LG refrigerators help to preserve the freshness and usefulness of products

«I eat what I eat" is a well-known aphorism of Hippocrates relevant for today. Modern man is not just to cope with the many tasks that fall on it during the day, if not "feed" the body with nutrients. Fresh fruits and vegetables will not only provide a charge of vivacity for the entire day, but will also strengthen the whole body. After all, the better the food, the stronger the immune system, say doctors. This does not mean that you need to eat a lot and frequently – just adjust their preferences toward useful and fresh products. And to do it better now – while fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at every step. This reports the press service of the company LG. 

Maintain the taste and freshness 

Modern refrigerators come with many additional features that help to preserve food all the useful vitamins and minerals. It is no secret that no matter how useful and were not fresh avocado or salmon, they will quickly lose their nutritional value if your refrigerator will not be able to retain their natural properties. In refrigerators by LG Electronics is provided by temperature zones, which have special conditions for the storage of individual products. Thus, the Department Opti Temp allows you to set the optimal mode -1 With meat and fish, and +2 for fruits and vegetables. Such temperature conditions allow you to store food for a long time without having to freeze them. You will be able 

choose the mode that will allow you to save the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. Also in refrigerators LG has a special compartment with mesh surface of the cap Moist Balance Crisper for fruits and vegetables. Due to the special structure of the condensate may accumulate in "honeycomb"by eliminating the excess moisture in the refrigerator, and, conversely, to evaporate when the moisture level is insufficient. Thus, maintaining optimum humidity in the compartment, and means – fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator longer. 

Another useful feature of LG refrigerators – special seal Bio Shield, which provides refrigerator, safety and freshness of the stored products. Typically, the seal accumulates a large amount of moisture, which can lead to the appearance of fungus and harmful microbes. Seal Bio Shield in refrigerators LG Electronics has bacteriological protection, which also prevents mildew and helps keep food in the refrigerator compartment. 

Technology ‘Door to door  

To make the products last longer retain their useful properties, experts recommend to pay special attention to the temperature regime, supported by the fridge. In LG refrigerators his help to maintain the linear compressor and function multithreaded cooling Multi Air Flow, which evenly distributes cool air in the refrigerating chamber. However, frequent opening/closing of the refrigerator nullify all 

the efforts of producers to maintain optimal temperature inside the fridge. Therefore, the company LG Electronics has developed a fundamentally new product – refrigerator Side-by-Side with technology ‘Door to door . In the door of this fridge has a special compartment where you can store your most popular products – butter, yogurt, milk needed by the family during the day. "Thinner" girls can put salads and diet products, and cakes and pastries to remove the main compartment of the fridge – away from temptation. By the way, this unusual compartment will also save on electricity bills, because the compressor does not have to constantly fight with the hot air that comes in the fridge while opening the door. 

But most importantly, this optimization space helps to better focus on his food and time to replenish their fresh fruit and vegetables. Practice shows that 4 out of 10 people do not remember what is in their fridge, and the fridge with technology ‘Door to door  helps to keep all products in mind.