a look into the future-in refrigerators

Main News a look into the future-in refrigerators

Fridge with built-in display no surprise, video and Internet access are found less frequently, but this is not uncommon. Technical and design experiments do not stop: the developers are unexpected solutions. For example, a refrigerator-membrane – the products are between slim cooling of the walls of taking any form.

On the competition Electrolux Design Lab 2010 revolutionary development called Bio Robot Refrigerator was presented by the Russian Yuri Dmitriev.

He offered to put products in gel capsules, cooled by means of a special technology. Bio Robot Refrigerator doubly environmentally friendly: it is made of biological material and consumes no energy. He has no doors, no shelves – enough to run his hand into the gel and to get the necessary product. It is also a beautiful work of floating gel objects it is possible to create an art of composition.

wine Storage

the Wine retains its best quality in certain storage conditions. Keep it in a refrigerator correctly. Specially designed wine cabinets, multiple temperature zones, the air purification system and protect from UV-resistant glass door.

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