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"In 1969, scientists for the first time recorded a decline in the ozone layer over the Northern hemisphere. That the ozone layer protects us from the harsh ultraviolet radiation, by that time already knew because they were troubled. Took up the calculations. It turned out that with the decrease of the ozone layer by 1 % the number of patients with skin cancer grows at 6 %. Ah, the trouble! For what are we? Is there any solution?

fortunately, in 1973, a German chemist – Crutzen and two American – Rowland and Molina discovered that harperperennial compounds (CFCs), widely used in refrigeration and other industries, can react with ozone, destroying it. It's the truth. But it is also true that ozone – the substance is very active and so easily reacts with almost anything. But the press, sensitive to the sensations, immediately trumpeted that women Prisca from aerosol cans, destroy so desired civilization of the ozone layer. The culprit was found and repeatedly caught Newspapers! The Germans and the Americans for such a wonderful discovery gave the Nobel prize. Since then, the roll-back was impossible.

Socialist countries – Norway, Sweden and Finland, inherently tending to everything green, feminist and egalitarian, – proposed to save the planet from infection, completely banning the production of CFCs. The world thought – still it was a complete restructuring of the chemical industry. But in 1985, British scientists handy revealed a decrease in the concentration of ozone over Antarctica. Was immediately adopted the Vienna Convention for the protection of the ozone layer and signed the famous Montreal Protocol on limiting production of freons.

In the USSR at that time was just rebuilt. Red bear struggled to look more decent and civilized, therefore dressed up in dress peas and danced ’Kalinka” on its hind legs. The Union was taken immediately after all, if only praised him – led troops in record time, reduced armament. What else do you want? To deal with freon? Yes about than the Bazaar! In 1988 the USSR signed the Montreal Protocol, promising civilized humanity in the last 10 years to reduce the production of CFCs by 50 %. And in 1992 updated, sovereign democratic Russia in the euphoria of freedom signed in Copenhagen even more hard edition of the Montreal Protocol, which from 1 January 1996 introduced a complete ban on production of CFCs (not fulfilled, of course, and then publicly repented before the whole world, mowing under foolish). By the way, awakening China they had not signed anything saying that that's when our economy will become as strong as in developed countries, then we'll be together to fight for universal salvation. In the end, most of freons made USA, not China, so let they patch the ozone hole, not shifting struggle on the shoulders of the other, less “guilty”.

a Reasonable question: why the U.S. fought fiercely with freon? Very simply: the Montreal Protocol was signed only because for him with both hands voted transnational chemical monster – the concern of DuPont.

For reference. The world's largest chemical Corporation ’DuPont de Nemours” was created in the United States in 1802, a native of France by the name of DuPont. By the time the events of the Corporation belonged 225 plants on 5 continents. A year in the world was sold for almost $ 40 billion ’dumanowski» products. And about 2 billion dollars a year DuPont has invested in research and development.

By the mid 1980s the Corporation was the largest producer of CFCs, and, of course, attacks on freon concern was not amused. Therefore, DuPont had thrown a huge amount of exposure of ozone - freon theory. But! Not stupid sat in the management of the concern. At the same time huge sums of money were thrown and the search for a substitute for freon. Just in case. And happiness smiled billionaires – substitute for freon was found. And patented. After what was not in the world a greater defender of the ozone layer than concern DuPont! Having a monopoly on substitute freon, DuPont became the hands of politicians and green to fight for the prohibition of freons around the world, trying to land and other underdeveloped countries on their chemical needle. So unproven scientific theory has allowed podsuetivshis billionaires coarsely earn fools – in the United States alone for the abandonment of freon consumers paid 220 billion dollars.

And what about the ozone layer? It was later revealed that the ozone hole occurs, as a rule, above the zones of tectonic faults. All known ozone anomalies, moved with maps of Central aerological Observatory to map geological faults are almost the same! Ozone depletion is due to the active degassing of the earth's crust, which releases hydrogen and hydrogen-containing gases. They destroy ozone. And to compare the emissions of CFCs from aerosol cans and refrigerators with the natural degassing of the planet is just ridiculous – Land Gazit 10 thousand times more than all the chemical companies of the world.

And, curiously, periodic thinning of the ozone layer with its subsequent thickening – the natural process for the planet. The same natural as the fluctuation of the Caspian sea level, which also tried one time to fight. Studies corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Kapitsa and other scholars have convincingly demonstrated that the ozone hole appeared on the planet long before appeared on the planet chemical factories. Because the degree of degassing of the earth's crust is in direct dependence on solar activity. Their curves are almost the same.

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