Nofrost - pros and cons

Before we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of refrigerators with No Frost technology, you should investigate what is this technology and what are her alternatives exist.

Refrigerators that need each month to manually defrosted and washed gone. Modern models are equipped with an automatic defrosting system, which performs its functions transparent to the hosts. However, manufacturers recommend still to prevent defrost the 18 cu ft refrigerator 1—2 times per year manually. And yet with the technology of automatic defrosting this preventive measure will not remind the conquest of the icy peak of the mountain peaks — details of the fridge covered only a small touch of frost. It's new compressed air systems.

the Most common technology, automatic defrost — drip (crying) and windy, which was named Frost. Drip defrost system is most often found in modern cheap refrigerators. Its essence consists in the following. On the rear wall of the refrigerating chamber (for freezer drip technology is not used) is the evaporator. Usually he hides inside the walls, because the products must not come into contact with the evaporator — it affects his work. The water in this case may not drain in a special container and on the bottom of the camera. In addition, “open” the evaporator can accidentally damage. The evaporator maintains a low temperature of the back wall, making it condense water vapor and formed icicles. Other walls this is not the case. At the end of the cooling cycle when the compressor stops, the evaporator is heated. Accumulated on it the ice thawed and the water flows into a special container by grooves. When the compressor starts working, the water in the tank heats up and evaporates. The process begins again with a new cooling cycle.

In chest refrigerator with system No Frost evaporator is set behind the rear wall of the refrigerating chamber or above the freezer. It is equipped with fans that provide air circulation inside the compact refrigerator. The evaporator, as in the refrigerator with a drip system, provides low temperature back wall. When the compressor stops, the frost melts and evaporates.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of No Frost? Many believe that because of the system of ventilation in refrigerators with system No Frost products dry up faster. From a theoretical point of view this may be so, but in practice there isn't much difference. Different models of refrigerators with a drip system and No Frost products remain fresh and different times, but a strong influence on this technology No Frost has not.

There is a belief that refrigerators with automatic defrost No Frost no need to defrost manually. But this, again, wrong. Refrigerators and drip, and windy systems should be thawed only once or twice a year.

the Main feature of the system No Frost, which is called its main advantage — a uniform temperature inside the fridge. The temperature difference on the upper and lower shelves of the refrigerator compartment does not exceed two degrees Celsius. For comparison: in refrigerators with a drip system, the difference may reach five or six degrees. And in the freezer with no Frost, — up to nine degrees. Temperature uniformity better security products.

Another important advantage of a No Frost is that the system works as in the refrigerating and freezing chambers, while drip can only work in refrigeration.

the ventilation System allows the refrigerator to quickly regain the temperature after the door is opened. However, it is not too much — much greater role here is played by the power of the refrigerator.

one of the disadvantages of No Frost called relatively high level of noise during operation. Additional noise provide fans. However, some models of refrigerators with the system No Frost equipped with a very quiet fan, thus run much quieter than some of its drip "brothers".

a Pretty significant disadvantage No Frost is that cumbersome mechanism evaporator "eats" the volume of the refrigerating chamber. The result is similar to a refrigerator drip defrost noticeably bigger.

the Refrigerator with the No Frost ceteris paribus consumes more electricity than a refrigerator with weeping defrost. The difference in the power bill will be small, but for those who like to save money wherever you can, it's still a disadvantage.

Refrigerators with a drip system and No Frost differ in price. Refrigerator with windy technology thawing will cost more expensive than similar models with "crying" technology. However, this difference is not too much.

In General, the advantages and disadvantages of the system No Frost (compared to a common drip system) almost cancel each other out. Therefore, the system automatic defrosting usually not a decisive criterion when choosing a refrigerator. But the advantages and disadvantages of different systems is still worth taking note of.