the Optimum temperature in the refrigerator

the Area of freshness there is not just. It is funny to remember the first three refrigerators Nord (with condensate in the path of the current freon), where one compartment is allowed to specify the temperature is close to zero. In the post-Soviet space it was nonsense, because the milk was stored in packages or cans, meat — in the freezer, vegetables — in the pan, fruit — on the door, and all were satisfied. This is today, when the West came to us, we learned why sometimes zero is the optimal temperature for refrigerator. We did everything as per GOST: there are two modes — from +2 to +5 and from -18 to -24 degrees Celsius. Exactly prescribe regulations to store food. And in the laws there is no mention of areas of freshness. So what is the optimal temperature of a refrigerator, and how to handle it?

Areas of freshness and temperature modes

Today, the term is quite popular, so we take the trouble to reveal the concept of the zone of freshness. There usually are products that are purchased for the holiday or any event, which will be in a couple of days. That is, to use food just no one will, the cooking process will not start now. But when the time comes X, then thaw the meat is not from the hands because it is inconvenient and can take a lot of time. Area of freshness great help in such cases, moreover, at zero degrees Celsius bacteria growth is greatly slowed down.

due To this, the products retain their original appearance and freshness for a long time. It does not freeze drinks, or it is short-lived. Low-temperature refrigerator — it's great! The meat remains juicy, and easy to work with him. Why all products are not kept in such conditions? We think the answer is only known to technologists in the food industry. But the cheese, being frozen becomes crumbly and tasteless. Lost its useful properties, I can not say, but the pleasure of eating just disappears completely. Black caviar is also not recommended to freeze, the ideal temperature of refrigerator for it — from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. So to place it in the area of freshness is not worth it. (See also: How many degrees in the refrigerator)

Again, refer to the standard, and see that the shelf life of beef at a refrigerator temperature of -1 degree is 8 days. In the freezer the same product can be up to 8 months at a temperature from -18 to -24 degrees? Feel the difference? The product is frozen, that he lay longer. Significantly longer. If you look at, the freezing and refrigerating chambers to some extent in line with the recommendations of GOST. Most likely this is done to unify the conditions of storage. Thus each manufacturer, knowing the potential of domestic refrigerators can on the packaging to indicate how much can be a product suitable for human consumption.


the Temperature in the refrigerator should be approximately equal to the requirements of the standards, otherwise no salesman will not be able to say exactly how much will be the term safe storage. This in turn will lead to inconsistencies at the judicial level. In case of poisoning, the plaintiff will not be able to prove that the storage conditions were not violated when his house is the refrigerator, the inside temperature of which differs from prescribed by the manufacturer. Not to swim against the current, all brands, despite the differences between them, relatively maintenance regimes are admirable unanimity.

Left to add to this that the zone of freshness are usually equipped with airtight containers for food storage that ensures the preservation of products in two times longer than in the main office. Why all the refrigerating chamber not to build on a similar scheme? Because some products do not tolerate frost. At some point the temperature can cross the freezing point of water and they will deteriorate. But in General, if you have an open pack of cheese or cut a stick of sausage, then they should be placed in the area of freshness. Of course, if there is a place.

Best products for zone freshness:

  • Meat, fish.
  • Fruits, vegetables.
  • Bread.
  • Cheese, sausage.
  • Tomato sauces, pastes.

But the beer is put is not recommended, especially live. Which is very capricious to storage conditions. Pets also keep the area fresh soda and similar beverages. And, of course, vodka. If your refrigerator work with no normal temperature then you need look refrigerator thermostat. Often it don't work when trouble with temperature.